Top: Low
Inspired from: Hiking
Collection: Ecco BIOM
Price: $150
Colorways: Grey, Black
Small True to size Large
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A low-cut design paired with the Ecco Fine Craquelure leather and textile combo, the pair allows its wearers a leisurely walk in the urban jungle or a trip to the rugged outdoors. The upper of the Ecco BIOM Street Slip-On sneaker comfortably wraps around the wearer’s foot, creating a glove-like sensation. Although, some found them to be too narrow for their liking.

Replacing the standard lacing system is an elastic band. While this feature can be tight for some, it effectively creates a locked-in feel. The women’s Ecco BIOM Street Slip On is available in US sizes ranging from 4/4.5 to 11/11.5.  

Letting nature take the lead, the model’s construction takes cues from the natural abilities of the foot to absorb impact by enhancing it. This element, in time, improves the comfort level of the Ecco women’s BIOM Street Slip-on as well as boosts its performance. Hand in hand with these are benefits like improving the strength of the muscles and ligaments for the wearer.    

With an athleisure component, the Ecco BIOM Street Slip-On pair is setup to cater to that urban look. Boasting an array of neutral colorways, the style possibilities for this pair are off the charts. The athletic vibe of the pair seems apt for a pair of leggings or any other athletic wear. Other style options also include a dress for a walk in the streets or even when just hanging out at the mall.

A more casual look for the pair is also possible. The usual jeans and T-shirt combo is always a classic. And with the more neutral tones of grey, black and purple hues coloring the upper, the shoe can balance out more dramatic colors in your wardrobe. Complementing the leather element of the pair’s upper by opting for pieces that possess the same shade may also be another style idea for this hybrid sneaker.

A strap stitched across the shoe upper serves more than an aesthetic component for this Ecco footwear. The area allows for a more secure fit while creating a modern twist.

Not just banking on looks, several technologies have been used in the construction of the Ecco BIOM Street Slip-On shoe. For one, the shoe makes use of the brand’s FLUIDFORM technology. Much like a caterpillar turning into the butterfly, this is what this technology essentially does - being able to transform lightweight fluid into a soft solid material making up the sole. Anchoring on anatomical integrity, this way of creating the sole involves the use of Fluidform -  liquid is hardened into a shape that closely adapts to the foot. This technology has been designed by ECCO for a 360-degree comfort, especially when moving.

Furthermore, as indicated in the name, Ecco BIOM technology has been integrated into the shoe’s construction. Bringing a second-skin-like feel to the foot, sneakers with the BIOM tech are designed to increase efficiency while creating a smoother ride for the wearer. Studies conducted for about this mechanism showed increased efficiency in the wearer’s running styles as well as a boost in leg strength.

WIth leather closely associated with the brand, it’s unsurprising to see a leather element for the pair. Situated in the tongue as well as the heel areas, this detail serves as a nice break from the predominantly textile material that composes the upper. The leather piece placed on top of the tongue area, in particular, carries the not-so-conspicuous brand logo.  

What was started by the duo Birte and Karl Toosbuy in 1963 have come a long way. Making many a sacrifice for the dream to own and run their own shoe factory, it’s safe to say that those sacrifices paid off. The brand has since made contributions to the footwear as well as the leather industry, specializing in premium products. The range of products that ECCO offers include a selection of sneakers, heels, cleats, and sandals. While the style has been at the forefront of every one of the logo’s brainchild, the brand also highlights innovation for their creations, pushing the envelope further.

Today, with numerous creations under their belt, the Ecco BIOM Street Slip On shoe is just one of the many in the brand’s repertoire. The hybrid shoe creates a hazy distinction between a pair for the outdoors and one for the streets.

  • The Ecco BIO Street Slip-On shoe has a low-to-the-ground sole construction which allows for comfort and stability for a leisurely walk outdoors.