Our verdict


Ignoring the Biom Fjuel is something that would be quite challenging to do, especially when it has a lot going for it. What we mean is from its undeniably incredible support system down to its trail-specific prowess, it's hard not to get super-sold on it. And while it might deter people with extra bulky feet, this kick from ECCO is as much a head-turner as it is an enduring piece.


  • Incredibly supportive
  • Comfort that lasts
  • Unique design
  • 10/10 craftsmanship
  • Remarkably breathable
  • Above-average grip
  • Quite durable
  • Doubles as a hiker


  • Restrictive overall
  • Mildly weighty
  • Lacks flexibility underfoot

Who should buy the ECCO Biom Fjuel

A marriage of style and versatility describes the ECCO Biom Fjuel. Purchase it if:

  • You're after sporty sneakers that don't let up in the sun's glare. 
  • Some days you are left with no choice but to be on your feet for hours.
  • You often tread on unpaved sidewalks and dusty roads.

ECCO Biom Fjuel buya

Who should NOT buy it

Skip the Biom Fjuel for the ACG Air Mada from Nike if you need a lighter and roomier pair. And with no bad rap about its flexibility, the Timberland Solar Wave is a fine alternative to the featured ECCO kick.

ECCO Biom Fjuel no

Biom Fjuel: Your new supportive buddy

Reviewers are convinced that the support system of the Biom Fjuel is among the best there is. One of them says that it has "more support than any other walking shoe he’s ever had!" It has "lots of support," says someone who had both knee and ankle replacement surgeries.

ECCO Biom Fjuel support

A sporty kick with stellar suppleness

The ECCO Biom Fjuel has tons of comfort to give, and many sneakerheads agree. We've gathered the following remarks just for you:

  • "Love the feel of these."
  • "Very comfortable shoes for long walks."
  • "I've found the most comfortable sneaker."

ECCO Biom Fjuel comf

Fueled with top-of-the-line quality

Its overall workmanship is deeply adored by many. A non-professional tester says that the "finish of the shoe is exquisite." "The quality is outstanding," says another.

ECCO Biom Fjuel finish

The Biom Fjuel's fire aesthetics

Part of our hiking-inspired catalog, the Biom Fjuel matches its versatile performance with poshness. Comments such as "they look fabulous," "love the look," and "distinctive" give this statement credence.

ECCO Biom Fjuel looks

But it can squish stout toes

A decent number of sneaker fans find the ECCO Biom Fjuel a bit too narrow. "My feet felt claustrophobic in them," a shoe collector among them said.

ECCO Biom Fjuel narrow

Summer rides minus the sweat

The Biom Fjuel is quite astonishing when it comes to breathability. A verified purchaser says that hands down, it's his "favorite shoe for long days of walking in the heat."

ECCO Biom Fjuel breath

Something convincing for light trail pursuits

There are those who applaud the stickiness of the Biom Fjuel. Because of this, a sneakerhead finds the featured sneaker "wonderful to use for walking/hiking."

ECCO Biom Fjuel gripa

Tough but a tad heavy

On the durability front, the featured sporty shoe "fits the bill," says a true-blue ECCO fan. There's a trade-off here, however, which is in the form of a not-so-lightweight build.

ECCO Biom Fjuel duraheav

Not the most flexible ECCO offering

It's been reported that the Biom Fjuel has subpar flexibility. A sneakerhead says that "there's not much give in the sole."

ECCO Biom Fjuel flex