Profile of the Ecco BIOM Cool Pro

Aside from the different terrain conditions, the weather is one of the factors that golfers need to consider. The Ecco BIOM Cool Pro ensures that all the challenges for the outdoor sport are covered. It sits on a multitude of advancements that makes the shoe waterproof, durable, comfortable, and stable.


The first spikeless golf shoe released by the brand created such an impact that it placed Ecco on the map. Its sole reputation was something that golfers took notice of.

The Tri-Fi Grip is positioned at the bottom of this golf shoe. This technology was first featured in Ecco BIOM Hybrid 3, and it became known for packing incredible durability, flexibility, stability, and grip in one textured bottom. 

From the name itself, the innovation is sectioned into a trifecta of TPU segments that functions specifically to target different purposes. The outer portion, which sports a thicker composition, brings in stability and durability. The midsection, on the other hand, has more rounded shaped lugs to aid the foot from slipping as it rotates during the swing.


The construction of the shoe is built through the BIOM Natural Motion. The last shape is crafted to bring the foot close to the ground so that it lets the natural flow happen. 

It is matched with the revolutionary Freedom Fit, wherein it sports a universal width to accommodate the spreading of toes. 

Much like other Ecco golf shoes, the brand does not offer several width options. Instead, a breathable and perforated insole is placed inside and can be removed to grant the extra room.


The legendary Yak leather swaddles the upper of BIOM Cool Pro. A distinct characteristic of this material is that it gives exceptional breathability without sacrificing durability. The forefoot permits extra air as it is perforated. 

Taking it up a notch is the placement of the GORE-TEX Surround, a thin membrane that allows heat and moisture to escape. It is blended with Hydromax to ensure that the trainer conquers all weather conditions. 

Ecco also takes the word “cool” when it is embedded in its name. The Exhaust Grid Technology facilitates airflow to keep the feet more comfortable.

Ecco BIOM Cool Pro Style

Texture comes with the DNA of the BIOM Cool Pro. While it draws heavily on innovations planted on each part, it also serves as an accent to make the styling more interesting. The Grid makes the upper look perforated that slightly resembles a mesh. The sides of the shoe are fixed with a line of a diagonal rhombus, making the look sportier and more sneaker-like. 

The overall styling of the trainer is versatile. And, because it is suitable for all-conditions wear, it transitions smoothly through different seasons.

Nice to know

  • The shoe is permitted with a 3-year waterproofing warranty.


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