Who should buy the Ecco BIOM C4

The BIOM C4 is the athletic golf shoe you never thought you needed from Ecco. Purchase it if:

  • You want the look and plushness of sneakers in a non-spiked golf kick.
  • Waterproof shoes that really deliver on the breathability front are what you want.
  • Golf shoes that accommodate a variety of foot shapes are what you're after.

Ecco BIOM C4 a

Who should NOT buy it

If you need a pair whose rubberized tip doesn't invite dirt post swing, check out the Adidas ZG21. Also, if affordable golf shoes are what you prefer, trade the BIOM C4 ($230) for the Footjoy Hyperflex ($130), which also doesn't have any on and off issues.

Ecco BIOM C4 noa

Comfort that exceeds expectations

Gear pundits and regular golfers alike are utterly floored by the Ecco BIOM C4's stellar from-the-box comfiness. Take a look at their praises below:

  • "An absolute joy to walk in."
  • "The comfort is second to none."
  • "Like I have pillows on my feet."
  • "The comfort is absolutely fantastic."

Most of them attribute its plushness to the shoe's soft leather upper. "It feels like it should be used for a handbag," says an expert among them.

Ecco BIOM C4 comf

The Ecco BIOM C4's supercharged grip

With comments such as "I have yet to slip once in these"  and "it produces impressive levels of grip," it's clear that the BIOM C4 walks the talk in the grip department. And it's not just on dry terrain that the featured shoe excels; it's also "pleasingly effective," as one critic puts it, in damp conditions.

Ecco BIOM C4 grip

Ready for the hot and humid

The Ecco BIOM C4 stays moisture-free in wet conditions, according to experienced golf players. "Fully waterproof" and "fantastic water protection" are two of the most compelling remarks about the shoe's waterproofing out there. 

The featured athletic kick, despite being completely impermeable, is not a pushover in warm weather, either. It's "the most breathable shoe we've tested in 2022," says a blogger. It "lives up to the hype," says another.

Ecco BIOM C4 weather

Loves the dirt a little too much

Among the Ecco BIOM C4's few criticisms is its dirt-magnet toe zone, and experts agree. It's prone to staining, and it often happens when it kisses the ground after a swing.

Ecco BIOM C4 dirt

The versatile fit of the BIOM C4

Footwear mavens love the Ecco BIOM C4 for being quite friendly to broad-footed individuals. The secret lies in its removable Ortholite insole. Once it's taken out, the shoe's confines become spacious enough for folks needing the extra room.

Speaking of fit, reviewers say that the BIOM C4's lacing system does its job well minus the pressure points. One of them said that he got a locked-in fit in the shoe "without any pinching or overtightening."

Ecco BIOM C4 fita

Quite pricey but highly worth it

Professional reviewers agree that the Ecco BIOM C4 is a luxury price-wise, with one modestly admitting that it's "slightly eye-watering." After all, it sells for $230 a pair, which is $87 more expensive than the average.

Having said all that, testers and regular players are still sold on this bad boy, as it simply screams fine craftsmanship and longevity. With it, "you really do get quality for your cash," says one of them.

Ecco BIOM C4 quality

The stunner Ecco BIOM C4

When it comes to aesthetics, the BIOM C4 is a showstopper, shoe pundits say. It "takes golf shoes to new levels of style," says one of them. The shoe "won our hearts from a style perspective," says another.

Ecco BIOM C4 style

But it can be a challenge to put on

An experienced golfer-slash-blogger finds the Ecco BIOM C4 a bit challenging to slip into. The likely culprit here is the gusseted design of the tongue, which makes on and off somewhat tricky.

Ecco BIOM C4 accessa

Ecco BIOM C4 vs. BIOM H4

The BIOM C4, being the popular shoe that it is, is often pitted against other kicks for comparison. In this head-to-head, it sees a rival in the Ecco BIOM H4. The following points discuss their key differences:

Price. There's a 30-dollar price difference between the two Ecco golf shoes, with the BIOM H4 being the cheaper.

Collar experience. The BIOM C4 has a knitted collar with an integrated tongue, while its rival has a more traditional ankle cuff section.

Extra breathability. Engineered with Gore-Tex's Surround technology, the BIOM C4 comes with a special midsole that increases the shoe's ability to mitigate stuffiness.

Ecco BIOM C4 vs

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 16oz
Outsole: Spikeless
Waterproofing: Gore-Tex, Waterproof
Material: Leather Upper
Closure: Laces
Collection: Ecco Biom
Style: Athletic

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