EB Electron notable features

-The EB Electron is a comfortable downturned rock climbing shoe designed to address a variety of climbing challenges regardless of the sender’s skill level. Its provision of slip and skid resistance is courtesy of Optimax.

-This midsole-less offering is a vegan product, which means all of its components are devoid of any animal substance. EB engineers opted to imbue it with silver polyamide, rendering the shoe capable of fighting off certain types of bacteria.


Downturn. The Electron has a moderate downturn. With it, the forefoot is given enough power to gain purchase on tricky holds, such as edges, slots, and sags. Kicks of this type are sufficiently comfortable for extended and multi-pitch ascents.

Applications. This moderate rock shoe is specifically built for bouldering. Owners may use it both in the gym and in the great outdoors. It caters to beginners and experienced climbers alike.


EB’s Electron is a low-cut unisex rock climbing shoe. Senders from the female crowd are advised to size down a full size to get a comfy fit in it. The foot is expected to curve or bend slightly inward within its interior thanks to its mildly asymmetric construction. Over time, the shoe might stretch, albeit minimally. Its fit management system (a.k.a. Velcro closure) provides a customized and secure fit.


Outsole. Upward traversals in the EB Electron are made convenient and safe with the shoe’s long-wearing Optimax outsole. It is a single-piece component. It has an overall thickness of 5 mm.


The EB Electron houses the wearer’s foot in its Evo upper, which is made of heavy-duty microfiber. It comes with two pull loops at the heel for on-and-off assistance. Its tongue and instep have a perforated design to keep things breezy and fresh within its confines. The geniuses behind this shoe furnished its high-contact areas with sufficient randing to give senders enough surface traction while performing tricky toe and heel maneuvers.

Completing the Electron’s upper equation is the rock shoe’s hook-and-loop closure. It is made up of a pair of Velcro straps and wide attach points for enhanced adjustability.


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