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8 reasons to buy

  • Many reviewers claim that the DVS Militia Boot is one of the most durable pairs they’ve owned. 
  • These shoes are excellent and dependable, according to the majority of purchasers. 
  • The DVS Militia Boot sneakers are affordable. 
  • A couple of reviewers mention that this shoe keeps their feet dry in the wet climate because of the moisture-wicking inner lining feature. 
  • Many users appreciate the water-resistant upper of this shoe.
  • The weather protective tongue gussets feature of this shoe is well-received by most of the purchasers. 
  • Some reviewers comment that this shoe has excellent arch support. 
  • Lots of purchasers applaud the nice style of the Militia Boot shoe. 

2 reasons not to buy

  • Limited colorways are available for the DVS Militia Boot shoes. 
  • Some purchasers report that because of the extreme padding of this shoe, it could fit a little snug during the first few times of wearing it. 

Bottom line

The DVS shoe brand drops a performance skate shoe that can withstand harsh weather conditions called the DVS Militia Boot. Many testers applaud its style, durability, and functionality, all thanks to the reinforced Trubuck upper, mid-top profile, gusseted tongue, and moisture-wicking inner lining. 

So if you’re looking for a skate shoe that’s perfect even for the winter and affordable, then this one is worth considering.


Expert Reviews

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The DVS Militia Boot is a mid-top skate shoe with a rugged boot design. The laces are adjustable and can be customized depending on the wearer’s preference. Also featured is a gusseted tongue that gives a snug and secure fit on foot. 

Like other DVS shoes, this shoe is exclusively available in men’s sizing. 

With this shoe’s chunky appearance, you would surely get that nostalgic old school skate shoe feel. The reinforced trubuck upper material, the mid-top construction, and the gusseted tongue collectively make the Militia Boot another great looking skate shoe from the brand. 

Colorways available for the DVS Militia Boot shoes are the following: chamois black, black olive, and gargoyle black/gold nubuck ettala.

The Militia Boot is a one-of-a-kind skate shoe from the DVS brand. It is designed to hold out against tough weather conditions and keep your foot nice and dry. The shoe features water-resistant tech, weather protective tongue gussets, and moisture-wicking inner linings. 

The shoe also features the CGT (Cold Grip Technology) outsole technology, a rubber compound designed to provide optimum traction in harsh climate conditions. The gusseted tongue prevents entering of snow and water in the shoe. 

The US shoe brand DVS Shoe Company or also known as DVS has been designing and manufacturing footwear and apparel for various action sports like skateboarding, motocross, and snowboarding since it’s founding in 1995 by the Dunlap brothers Mike, Brian, and Kevin, and Tim Gavin. 

Despite the brand’s rocketing global success during its initial years, DVS had no other choice but to file for bankruptcy in May 2012. Today, the Sequential Brands Group, Inc., or SBGI, has the ownership of the brand. DVS is currently headquartered in Orange County, California. 

Part of the current DVS shoe lineup is the DVS Militia Boot, a mid-top skate shoe designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. It is water-resistant and features weather protective tongue gussets, moisture-wicking inner lining, molded EVA footbed, and CGT outsole technology. The upper is made of leather and nubuck. 

The DVS Militia Boot skate shoes initially dropped for $95 a pair. 

  • The DVS Militia Boot also features rubber double cup sole construction with grip texture tread. 
  • The Vaporcell+ molded footbed of this shoe keeps the foot comfortable, even in the cold. 
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