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6 reasons to buy

  • The DVS Celsius skate shoes are overall comfortable on foot according to several reviewers. 
  • This low-top skate shoe presents multiple color options and varying upper materials. 
  • Some buyers appreciate the old school, stylish look of this shoe.
  • It has an affordable price tag like most DVS skate shoes.
  • The majority of reviewers appreciate this skate shoe's durability. 
  • Most reviewers highly recommend the DVS Celsius. 

2 reasons not to buy

  • A couple of reviewers mention that the DVS Celsius fits smaller than usual. 
  • At least one reviewer expresses dismay that this DVS shoe is not available in smaller sizes. 

Bottom line

Famed footwear brand DVS Shoes presents the DVS Celsius as part of its performance skate shoe lineup. The low-top kick displays an old school skate shoe appeal with its bulky appearance, a mix of upper materials, and classic double cup sole construction. 

The shoe's overall retro look pleases most shoppers - both skaters and casual wearers. Its versatility raises no question as multiple colorways in neutral hues are available for this model. Aside from its street-ready look, the Celsius also offers durability, comfort, and affordability. 



A top rated sneaker
A top rated DVS sneaker
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The DVS Celsius is a skate shoe constructed with a low-top profile and varying upper materials depending on the colorway. Overall support and hold are excellent. This low-top DVS model is available in men's sizing that ranges from US 7.5 to 14 in D Standard (Medium) width. 

The shoe design gives a bulky appearance, but buyers report that it fits snug and smaller than their usual sizes. Lace-up closure allows a customized fit. It also features heavy-duty collar and tongue padding for additional support and protection. The insoles are removable. 

Recent skate shoe trends show a resurgence of chunky skate shoes that perhaps shadow the success of the chunky, dad sneakers trend. Whoever said that these classic, old school skate shoes are out of style is proven wrong by the DVS Celsius shoes. 

Styling the DVS Celsius could be challenging because of its chunkiness. But it helps that broad colorway options such as black/charcoal/white, charcoal/grey, black/black, and black/charcoal/white/turquoise are available. Like other bulky skate shoes, you can pair this shoe with a hoodie, logo t-shirts, and trousers or skate shorts. 

Most skate shoe labels such as Adidas, DC, Vans, and New Balance have been re-releasing nostalgic skate shoe models with bulky appearance. Like them, DVS also has its fair share of chunky skate shoe models, and one of these is the DVS Celsius. 

The DVS Celsius struts features that make it durable yet comfortable enough for the sport. First, it has a double cupsole construction and a lightweight EVA midsole. The mesh tongue boosts breathability, and a molded eye stay piece is there for long-lasting wear. 

In 1995, brothers Mike, Kevin, and Brian Dunlap together with Tim Gavin formed a footwear and apparel brand and named it DVS. It specializes in the design and production of footwear and apparel for action sports like skateboarding, snowboarding, and motocross. The Sequential Brands Group, Inc. (SBGI) acquired DVS in 2012 soon after the brand filed for bankruptcy. It currently headquarters in Orange County, California. 

To date, DVS takes pride in its countless skate shoe models that offer performance, style, and comfort fit for skateboarding. Released as part of its heritage skate shoe lineup is the DVS Celsius, a low-top, bulky skate shoe. The Celsius highlights leather, nubuck, and suede on the upper, a double cup sole, lightweight EVA midsole, removable insoles, mesh tongue, and lace-up closure with a molded eye stay piece.

  • The upper material of the DVS Celsius comes in a combination of nubuck, leather, and suede. 
  • The laces that come with these footwear are flat and cotton. 
  • There is a tab at the center of the tongue to help keep it in place and avoid sliding to the sides. 
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