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8 reasons to buy

  • Comfortable: Diadora Speed Blushield 5 AG playtesters are beaming about its “step-in comfort.” It likewise grants “ultra-plush ride.”
  • Shock-absorbent: Owners of the previous iteration love how the embedded Blushield foam buffers impact, especially under the ball of the foot.
  • Responsive: Players appreciate the shoe’s springboard effect when chasing down balls. 
  • Stable: The lateral stabilizer and medial shank combo work well for tennis regulars as it prevents torsional stress on the foot.
  • Secure fit: Diadora wearers affirm that the tight mesh upper comfortably locks down the foot. “No loose or excessive movements in this shoe.”
  • Protected: Players from different levels find the beefed-up foam tongue helpful in keeping foot discomforts at bay.
  • Durable outsole: Sliders love how extremely long-lasting the treads are. They found no wear at all, even when used on hard court frequently every week. 
  • Solid grip: Its continuous heel-to-toe herringbone rubber pattern allows the shoe to clasp the ground, whether moving low for the ball or sprinting for a shot. 

5 reasons not to buy

  • Thin insole: Wearers hoped the removable insole came in a thicker dimension. 
  • Spacious toe room: Narrow to medium-width athletes had to wear double socks as the shoe feels extra roomy at the forefoot.
  • Lacks breathability: It comes with a thick and solid upper that feels warm on foot.
  • Heavy: It’s far from being lightweight.
  • Minimal color options: Blushield supporters would have adored it more if it came in more colorways.

Bottom line

Diadora lets you enjoy high-powered games with the Speed Blushield 5 AG. This iteration keeps you stable with its hard-wearing and cushioned build and lets you move at full speed. If you’re an avid Blushield user stepping forward from the 4th generation, this shoe will help you transition smoothly. It’s crafted from the same foundation as the previous version but made with improved lateral support, comfort, and energy return.

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Diadora Speed Blushield 5 AG offers stability, support

  • Diadora may be one of the underrated labels in the tennis world, but this Italian-based brand has a high-performing shoe line that offers swift response on any court set up, the Blushield. This range stands well side by side with some of the stellar collections from other brands like the stable Asics Gel Resolution 8, speedy Adidas Ubersonic 4, and Lotto Mirage 100 SPD
  • For the 5th generation fitted for all courts, Diadora preserves the trademark Blushield cushioning technology. At the same time, they engineered this shoe with enhanced stability elements needed for explosive playability.  

What’s new?

  • Compared to the Blushield 4, this version is designed with a wear-resistant triple thickness wrap and denser mesh format.
  • The lack of upper support found on the earlier model is addressed on the Blushield 5 AG by giving it a tighter mesh arrangement, increasing its strength and lateral support. 
  • Blushield technology is injected into the forefoot for increased elasticity and shock absorption. Combined with the standard EVA foam placed on the heel, the midsole is more resilient and bouncier than the previous profile. 

Who is it best for?

  • Blushield 5 AG is one of the stability shoes fitted for entry-level to intermediate players.
  • Sliders will benefit significantly from its heavy-duty outsole with a herringbone rubber tread that extends into a toe guard.
  • Narrow, medium and wide-footed wearers can find comfort in these. 
  • Slim footed users might need to wear double socks for improved fit. 
  • It also works for flat, neutral, and high arch players.


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