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    High Top

    Football boots with sock-like extension above the ankle level for added protection and support. the best high top fooball boots.

    Mid Top

    Football boots that offer coverage until the ankle level for extra stability. See the best mid top football boots.

    Low Top

    Traditional football boots without collars or extensions for maximum mobility. See the best low top football boots.

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    Choosing the best collar height is a matter of personal preference and is not dependent on the type of surface played. More info here

  • Surface

    Firm Ground

    Football boots that provide rotational and aggressive traction on firm or dry natural grass. See the best FG boots.


    Football boots with flat, anti-slip rubber outsole great for indoor courts. See the best IC boots.


    Football boots with durable rubber outsole designed for excellent grip on short-piled synthetic grass. See the best Turf boots.

    Artificial Grass

    Low-profile, hollow-studded football boots intended for long-piled synthetic grass. See the best AG boots.


    Football boots built for street, dirt, concrete and polished pitches and also doubles as a casual wear. See the best Street football boots.

    Flexible Ground

    Football boots that are built for more than one type of surface. See the best Flexible Ground Football boots.

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    Diadora Rb2003

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    Football boots are often categorized by brands into different collections based on their distinct purpose such as boots for Speed, Power or Control.

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  • This football boot’s symbolic name, the Rb2003, gives us an idea of what it can offer. The initials stand for the legendary footballer’s name, Robert Baggio, who was awarded the “Golden Foot” in 2003 for his outstanding athletic achievement in the world of football.
  • Though Baggio is not an indoor player, this football boot is still based on his successful footprint. It is wrapped with a classic Diadora upper known as Suprell, a water-resistant technology designed with an anti-stretch lining and PU (polyurethane) rear. With this feature, the football boot is guaranteed to last a long time.
  • Additionally, the Diadora Rb2003 R Indoor is designed with a sockliner that has bending points on the forefoot portion. This naturally follows the contour of the feet to enhance barefoot sensation and lessen foot strain during rough moments on indoor courts.
  • To add more comfort to the footbed, the boot is fitted with a synthetic insole. This feature has shock-absorbing qualities for better energy return for the lower leg. It is made possible through its premium quality EVA foam.
  • The outsole of this indoor football boot is made of rubber. This material is engineered with anti-abrasion properties to secure enough traction for flat indoor surfaces. This material is commonly seen on turf and indoor shoes such as the Adidas Mundial Goal and the Adidas Samba Classic. The geometrical grooves on its base aid in providing grip with the help of the Flex Rotax technology. It also results in more stability on the heel area.

The Diadora Rb2003 R Indoor is offered in standard sizes for men ranging from 4 to 12.5. It is available in standard width. Its synthetic upper is built with anti-stretch element that is meant to offer a snug fit without feeling loose after a few wears.Through its central lacing system, wearers can personalize the fit. Another shoe with this fit customization system is the Mizuno Rebula 2 V2 Firm Ground football boot model.

An anti-abrasion outsole is designed for the indoor variation of the Diadora Rb2003 R. Several geometric grooves are strategically placed on the plate. They do not just add aesthetic value to the base, they also serve to optimize grip on indoor courts.

The Flex Rotax technology is found in the forefoot to allow players a smooth release from the ground. The unique pattern found in the metatarsal area is engineered to afford players with extra flex on brakes and push-off motions.

The Rb2003 R Indoor utilizes the brand’s Suprell technology for its upper. It produces a smooth finish that is geared for protecting the shoes against water. To strengthen it durability, an anti-stretch lining is installed. Meanwhile, an anti-slip polyurethane is placed on the rear lining to improve the shoe’s lockdown.

For its in-shoe comfort, an EVA sockliner is placed on the footbed. Through the bending points on the forefoot area, the foot slides in without any feeling of bulk. The sockliner is engineered to follow the contours of the underfoot.

This football boot carries a minimalist style with its simplistic striped upper. The Diadora branding is seen across the forefoot and the medial area. Baggio’s signature is also imprinted on the lateral heel area.

  • The Diadora Rb2003 R Indoor is available in four colorways namely the White/Red Fluo, Green Fluo/Atlantic Deep, Brilliant Blue/Blue Wing Teal and Nine Iron/Fluo DD
  • This football boot has a turf variation.