Top: Low
Surface: Indoor
Collection: Diadora Pichichi
Price: $43
Brand: Diadora
Colorways: Multi
Small True to size Large
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  • The Diadora Pichichi Indoor is a well-performing indoor soccer cleat with a timeless look. The several features engineered into this cleat ensure a safe and flexible ride every time.
  • This soccer cleat is fitted with a synthetic upper with a water-resistant element, the Suprell technology. To prevent the material from overstretching, the upper utilizes an anti-stretch lining. Durability is ensured with these elements.
  • A shock-absorbing midsole made of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) foam is present on the Diadora Pichichi Indoor. It enhances the shoe’s in-shoe comfort and cushioning against the hard indoor court surface.
  • The Diadora Pichichi Indoor’s stylish look is finished with an abrasion-resistant rubber outsole. It is specially made to provide excellent grip on indoor courts (IN). Rubber has been a common element in classic soccer cleats such as the Adidas Mundial Goal and Adidas Samba Classic due to its responsive quality on flat surfaces.

The Diadora Pichichi Indoor is available in standard sizes in men’s version only. The synthetic upper with anti-stretch lining may not accommodate users with excessively wide feet. As far as adjustability is concerned, the shoe’s central lace-up closure does the job.

The Diadora Pichichi Indoor utilizes a rubber outsole that has an anti-abrasion property. The mixed pattern on the outsole provides excellent grip on various indoor courts, including gyms and arenas.

The upper of the Diadora Pichichi Indoor is made of synthetic material with anti-stretch lining. Just like the rest of the soccer cleats in the Diadora Pichichi lineup, Suprell technology is also present in this shoe. It acts as the shoe’s water-resistant element.

This soccer cleat has an anti-slip lining in the rear. This feature is useful in keeping the heel locked in during the game. Also, it adds to the overall comfort of the shoe.

An ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) foam acts as this soccer cleat’s insole. This shock-absorbing material adds an extra layer of comfort and cushioning underfoot.

  • A turf variation is available for this soccer cleat.