9 best Northwave road cycling shoes

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    best Northwave road cycling shoes

    Best Northwave road cycling shoes - April 2020

    Footwear manufacturer Northwave is a stereotypical Italian company but in a good way. Shoe companies from Italy are revered for their high-quality and meticulously made merchandise, and Northwave (NW) fully embodies this as well. The brand is also famous for its unique designs accompanied by function-driven features.

    NW introduced their MTB shoes 25 years ago, and shortly after that, followed by their road shoe designs. The brand's footwear has been worn in countless national and world championships. Whether you're a professional cyclist, a serious athlete, or a novice, this section will help you in identifying the ideal Northwave road shoes for you.

    A brief background on Northwave

    Northwave ventured into the footwear industry by manufacturing shoes for other companies in the early 1980s. The company was founded by Gianni Piva in Montebelluna, Italy. As the 80s progressed, snowboarding started to emerge as a hit sport and Northwave decided to produce its own snowboarding boots.

    The brand’s name initially belonged to an American windsurfing company, and Piva bought it. Northwave didn’t start producing cycling shoes until 1993, but since then has become popular amongst the cycling crowd.

    Northwave also has several companies that they have required throughout the years. These brands are Drake bindings and Bakoda Design Logic snowboard accessories.

    Frequently asked questions

    Are Northwave road cycling shoes any good?

    Northwave sits alongside some of the most popular cycling brands in the market today. Based on this and the fact that several of NW's road shoes are consistently included in top road shoe lists means that their road shoes are more than just 'good.' Moreover, reviews RunRepeat have gathered render the brand’s shoes as efficient and at par with other companies’ best designs.

    The brand is widely popular for its out-of-the-box designs that are considered statement pieces. NW also takes pride in its products’ excellent quality and efficiency. Below are some of the company’s top-selling road bike shoes.

    How do Northwave road shoes fit?

    Based on the general feedback, Northwave cycling shoes fit true to size. But due to the variety of designs and features of each model, this information should be taken with a grain of salt.

    According to Northwave’s size chart, their road shoes are available from EU sizes 37 to 48. Once converted, male consumers can choose from US 5.5 to 14, and female buyers can select from US 6.5 to 15.

    NW road shoes are offered in both regular and wide fit.

    What are the replacement parts for NW’s road bike shoes?

    Every cycling brand offers a unique set of replacement parts exclusive to their shoes. These renewable components help in lengthening the lifespan of your cycling footwear. Check out Northwave’s replacement parts below:

    • Heel rubber pads
    • SLW2 parts (dials and cables)
    • SLW 2 protection cover
    • Speed laces and closure
    • Ratchet system

    7 best Northwave road cycling shoes

    1. Northwave Core Plus
    2. Northwave Flash TH
    3. Northwave Extreme
    4. Northwave Storm
    5. Northwave Extreme Pro
    6. Northwave Extreme GT
    7. Northwave Revolution