We spent 7.3 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what basketball players think:

8 reasons to buy

  • Some wearers mention that the Brotherhood colorway of the Nike Kyrie 1 is very wearable. They find it easy to pair the colorway with any outfit.
  • The carbon fiber plate provides a smooth transition from heel to forefoot, say at least three testers of these Kyrie 1 shoes.
  • Several owners recommend the Nike Kyrie 1 for outdoor use. They say it does not show any signs of wear even after many uses.
  • Many buyers mention that once the shoe is broken in, the forefoot becomes flexible and comfortable.
  • A good number of reviewers assert that these Kyrie 1 shoes are best for younger players or speedy guards, just like the Nike KD 11 and  Kyrie 5
  • The diagonal herringbone traction pattern grips courts nicely and works excellently on clean courts.
  • A huge number of users claim that the textile upper of these Kyrie 1 shoes remain free from wear and tear even after months of use.
  • The geometrical design on the heel counter of the Nike Kyrie 1 is aesthetically appealing according to many buyers.

6 reasons not to buy

  • A handful of wearers complain that the midsole creases easily.
  • A few testers notice that the shoe takes a long time to break in.
  • Several claim that these Kyrie Irving basketball shoes run narrow and that they experience pinching.
  • The traction pattern does not have a good grip on less than ideal court floors.
  • Some reviewers do not find the Hyperfuse in the upper as comfortable. They say it is stiff and unstable.
  • A small number of wearers claim that the Nike Kyrie 1 is not breathable. Their socks were soaking wet the entire game.

Bottom line

The Nike Kyrie 1 is a great performance shoe, though it must be pointed out it is not yet on the same level as the signature shoes of LeBron James and Kobe Bryant as most expected.

These Kyrie shoes are best for younger players and forefoot-heavy guards, those who seldom play hoops, those who love to wear mid-top basketball sneakers casually, and those who are on a tight budget.


Expert Reviews

78 / 100 based on 16 expert reviews

  • 81 / 100 | JAHRONMON | | Level 5 expert

    First of all, the Kyrie 1 retails for $120 USD, while the LeBron and Kobe both are $150+., so naturally the tech in the Kyrie 1 will not be up to par with said models. I will say that the Kyrie 1 does perform better than the KD 1 through 4, and maybe the 5, It’s a great shoe for the price and provides great value. The cushions set up is ideal for forefoot heavy guards, and when needed the heel provides great impact protection, while the materials are both functional and comfortable. Sure, the fit does need some work, but by just going up half a size all of your problems are virtually fixed, and the two issues (length, and heel wiggle room) that arise by going up half a size, don’t hinder the overall performance what so ever. It is a disappointment that the traction was a let down, and is definitely irritating, but provided you have good court conditions; the Kyrie 1 is a solid on court performer.

  • 80 / 100 | WearTesters | | Level 5 expert

    Overall, I think the Kyrie 1 is ok. It’s not bad, it’s not good but definitely not great. Traction is definitely their greatest attribute. While I know it’s a huge hit or miss for some people, I personally found it was a huge hit. So it’s not bad especially for a first shoe and the price point but I’m definitely not eager to lace these guys up and go play again.

  • 82 / 100 | BBallEquips | Level 5 expert

    In conclusion the Nike Kyrie 1 performs a lot like a higher end team model. Some may be disappointed with the tech put into the shoe, but you have to understand that this is just the first model of Kyrie’s signature line and if they set the bar too now, it will be harder to give you a better shoe the next time. For me, this shoe is definitely one of the more comfortable shoes that I’ve ever played in and it definitely gets the job done.

  • 80 / 100 | WearTesters | | Level 5 expert

    I think the Kyrie 1 is okay. Not bad, not good…definitely not great…just okay. Traction was probably their one great feature, while everything else is a huge hit or miss depending on who you ask. I can’t remember the last time a shoe has had so much differentiating feedback from all aspects. I’ve seen huge differences of opinion on their traction, cushion, and fit; so much so that I’d be confused as hell after reading and watching all the reviews. However, I honestly feel that there are better bang for your buck options out there. Whether it be an older model found on-sale or even something newer like the KB Mentality or Curry One – both of which offer you more for your money. They’re not bad for a first shoe, but they don’t have me eager to lace them up again.

  • 80 / 100 | WearTesters | | Level 5 expert

    I made a statement when I first got the Kyrie 1 that this shoe feels like it will be greater than its parts, and I wasn’t wrong. Nothing really stands out on the Kyrie – traction is okay, cushioning feels average, fit is good – but I never, EVER had a bad game in them. I know shoes don’t make the player, but when they are bad they can hurt, and before the first wear I was dreading this review. The shoe just didn’t feel good on foot. But then I played the first day, and it started coming alive, and I played good. Next day, same thing – a little more alive, fit got better, cushioning felt better. After 5 game days, I had played a week and a half of nice ball, all wearing the Kyrie. Some shoes are like that – little technology, not much going for it, then BAM!!! – you have a good day in them and can’t take them off. Some high-tech, every bell and whistle feel like junk and play even worse, and those reviews hurt. I would place the Kyrie in category 1. I still feel it was a little more on the “streetwear” tip than full-on performance, but who am I to argue with the basketball gods. Break them in and wear them out.

  • 70 / 100 | Schwollo | Level 5 expert

    I really wish Nike would have stepped it up with this sig shoe from the getgo rather than taking baby steps and giving the consumer an average shoe for a spectacular player. Shouldn’t the shoe reflect the player? That’s what a sig shoe is isn’t it ? Kyrie is by no means average and is one of the most entertaining players to watch but you wouldn’t know it if you wore this shoe. Sure it’s unique looking and polarizing but I don’t think looks should define a shoe especially on the court. If you love Kyrie you’ll love this shoe no matter what but if you’re looking for a great hoops shoe look elsewhere.

Become an expert

In an interview, Nike designer Leo Chang says that he developed a chemistry with Kyrie Irving during the creation of his first shoe. He shares that Irving is so open when it comes to his ideas and opinions, and he appreciates that.

Chang wants the design to capture Irving’s quick movements, cuts, and change of directions. To do that, be brings the traction 360 degrees to the front. It was not before eighteen months of designing that Irving was able to try the shoe for the first time. Chang recalls that Irving liked the on-point lockdown on the forefoot. He added that the NBA star emphasized how he prefers mid-top basketball shoes.

Irving told Chang a story about how his dad punished him when he was younger because his grades dropped or whenever he was bad. He was sent to his room he calls his "dungeon." His dad made him lean against the wall using two fingers. Irving swore it was close to two hours but it was just for two minutes. Chang integrated the story of the "two fingers" on the sides of the Kyrie 1; they serve as extra support to the Hyperfuse upper.

The Nike Kyrie 1 was released on December 23, 2014 and retailed at $110. These Kyrie Irving basketball shoes come  with Phylon midsoles and Zoom Air units at the forefoot. For smooth transitions, the shoe is equipped with a carbon fiber plate. The outsole features a straightforward herringbone traction pattern for an unstoppable footwork on court. Nike boasts the 360 degree traction at the forefoot, and it works like an outrigger. It stabilizes quick cuts and crosses. These Kyrie 1 shoes come with a mesh upper that is reinforced with Hyperfuse for ventilation and durability. For a comfortable fit, the tongue and the upper underlay are made of neoprene.

Cushion. The Nike Kyrie 1 boasts a rectangular forefoot Zoom Air unit embedded in its full-length Phylon midsole. These Kyrie shoes also have carbon plate fibers embedded in their midsoles. These ensure smooth heel-to-toe transitions.

Traction. The Nike Kyrie 1 comes with either a solid or translucent rubber outsole, depending on the colorway. Whichever material it is made of, the outsole always has a full-length diagonal herringbone traction pattern on it. This pattern has thick, deep, and durable grooves that suit any court surface. Minimal wiping is needed. The forefoot features a raised traction pattern. According to Leo Chang, he incorporated it in the design to support Kyrie Irving’s multidirectional quick cuts and crosses.

Length and Width. The Nike Kyrie 1 reportedly runs narrow. Current owners claim that the shoe does not fit comfortably straight out of the box and takes a bit of time to break in. They advise new buyers with wide and normal-sized feet to fit the shoe before purchasing.

Lockdown. The Nike Kyrie 1 has a standard lacing system. There is a lace loop at the middle of the tongue to prevent keep it in securely in place. Reviewers suggest lacing up all the way to the last eyelet to keep the foot from popping out of the shoe. The  molded collar and inner walls of the Kyrie 1 shoes come with a lot of padding. This setup provides a nice and comfortable ankle fit. The thermo polyurethane heel counter prevents the foot from slipping out of the footbed.

The upper of the Nike Kyrie 1 is made of mesh with  Hyperfuse glued on it. Hyperfuse is a resilient, lightweight, and breathable three-layered material. These layers are fused together by heat and pressure. Without the standard cut-and-sew method, the Hyperfuse delivers a seamless one-bootie construction to the upper. The padded tongue is made of neoprene for a comfortable and breathable fit. The lace holes and the toe-drag area have welded overlays for durability.

As the first shoe for Kyrie Irving, a lot of important stuff in his life are embedded in the Kyrie 1. Starting off with the outsole, the center of the rubber features his logo with a “JBY” callout in the background. According to the NBA star, it means “Just Be You” -- a motto he lives by every day. Surrounding the inscription is the first name of his mother Elizabeth, her date of birth, and date of death.

The sharp teeth design at the midsole refers to the time Kyrie spent with his father in Australia where he was born. It mimics the architectural structure of the roofs of the Sydney Opera House. The geometric thermo polyurethane heel counter represents Kyrie’s love for fashion.

Other Kyrie Irving logos are found on the tongue and insole while his signature is found on the underside of the tongue. His jersey number is displayed on the heel. Huge Swoosh logos grace both sides of these Kyrie 1 shoes.

The Nike Kyrie 1 comes in different colorways including basic ones such as the Burgundy, Pewter, War Hawk, Wolf Grey, and others. As Kyrie Irving’s first signature shoe, a good number of special colorways dedicated to important events in his life and career are released. They are discussed briefly below.

Nike Kyrie 1 All Star

Released just in time for the February 2015 All Star Weekend, the Kyrie 1 All-Star is dressed in a dark grey upper with black Swoosh logos and a black-speckled grey midsole. It is finished off with an icy blue translucent rubber outsole.

Nike Kyrie 1 Australia

Kyrie Irving honors his father not only through the sharp teeth design in the forefoot midsole but also through the release of an Australia colorway of the Nike Kyrie 1. The shoe comes with a teal and radiant emerald upper and green strike accents. The striking metallic bronze heel counter stands in contrast with those colors.

Nike Kyrie 1 BHM

To celebrate Black History Month, black and white Kyrie 1 shoes are released in limited numbers. The shoe also has dark gray accents. It was released on January 19, 2015.

Nike Kyrie 1 Brotherhood or Duke

Blue Kyrie 1 shoes are released during March Madness. It is called the Brotherhood or Duke colorway. Of course, it pays tribute to where Kyrie Irving spent his college days in Durham, North Carolina. The shoe features Duke University’s colors: Lyon Blue, Black, and Metallic Silver.

Nike Kyrie 1 Deceptive Red

The Deceptive Red is the second-to-release colorway of the Kyrie 1 shoes. This red pair comes with black accents and sits on a red sole. It was released on January 10, 2015.

Nike Kyrie 1 Dream

The Dream is the first colorway of the Nike Kyrie 1. For Kyrie Irving, it is a dream come true to lace up his own signature shoe for a professional Christmas game. It’s an even wilder dream to have this first very shoe released to the public. The Dream rendition has a multi-color upper that sits on a black and red sole.

Nike Kyrie 1 Easter

These Kyrie 1 joins in the annual Easter celebration. This signature model is released in a bright and vibrant colorway that is aptly named ‘Easter.’ Released on April 2, 2015, this shoe features a combination of medium berry/metallic silver/hot lava/black.

Nike Kyrie 1 Flytrap

The Flytrap colorway resembles Kyrie Irving’s on-court deceptive quickness. The dark emerald pair comes with a metallic silver Swoosh with accents of bright mango and light poison. The colorway was released in February 2015.

Nike Kyrie 1 Letterman

Inspired by Kyrie Irving’s dominant playing style in St. Patrick’s and Montclair Kimberley during his high school days, the Letterman rendition of the first Kyrie shoes has a tour yellow and teal upper and a university gold midsole. It is finished off with a white and light retro outsole.

Nike Kyrie 1 Rise

The Rise colorway was exclusively released to the Asian retail market in August 2015. It features a grey upper, white sole, and accents of yellow and black. The shoe is inspired by the outdoor basketball style in China.

Nike Kyrie 1 USA

The USA colorway was released on June 27, 2015 and was included in the Nike Basketball 2015 USA collection. It comes with an entirely blue Hyperfuse upper with a blue, red, and white mesh. It has a metallic silver Swoosh, white midsole, and red outsole.

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