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    Spiked golf shoes

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    buy spiked golf shoes for men and women


    Best spiked golf shoes - May 2020

    Considered as one of the oldest sporting traditions, golf possesses specific qualities that separate it from other sports like basketball, soccer and running. Along with the invention of this outdoor sport, comes the experimentation of outsole designs. From hammering nails to the bottom for easy replacements, spikes have come a long way. Read on to know more about the good, the bad, and everything that's in between spiked golf shoes.

    Spiked or Spikeless Golf Shoes?

    The golfer's footing makes and breaks one's performance. And, even though there are different variables included in the winning formula, the footwork comprises a fantastic swing. Because of this, the design of the sole determines the type of golf shoe. For approximately 150 years, golfers dealt with only spiked choices. Though Fred Couples introduced and changed the outsole game because of the spikeless introduction, spiked shoes continue to have a following. 

    To help assess if it's the perfect type for you, here, we discuss the highs and lows of spiked shoes:

    What are the advantages?

    • Superior traction

    Even though spikeless opened another realm for the golfing community, a huge chunk of golfers continues to patronize cleats, mainly due to the amount of grip that it delivers. Compared to highly textured bottoms, spiked golf shoes give reliable turf hold because of its claw-like design. Dealing with deserts, soggy wet grounds, and bunkers should never be an issue as opposed to spikeless bottoms that tend to slide on some surfaces. 

    • Designed for a swing

    Because of a design that holds the ground to the maximum, performing dynamic golf swings are best completed with spiked golf shoes. Cleats hold the ground and lock the foot in so that when the foot rotates, it won't slip. 

    • Longer life span

    Some spiked golf shoes have cleats that are replaceable. One of the great things about it is that because they can be changed, it lasts longer. Spikeless shoes that get broken lugs will not only throw one off the game but are also hard and almost impossible to replace. 

    • Valuable in the long run

    Generally, spikeless are cheaper than spiked, but if the value is regarded, then spikes gain a point higher because of their replacement quality. Given that the upper and midsole are well taken care of, replacing the outsole should keep the state of the shoe in shape for several years. 

    What are the drawbacks?

    • Prone to clogging

    Because the bottom grips the ground well, some parts of the greens do have the tendency to get caught up in the spikes, making it quite annoying for some. Cleaning it out and checking it every now and then can be a chore for many golfers. 

    • Can't be worn on hard surfaces

    When Fred Couples introduced the spikeless, many were amazed because it provided answers to changing footwear before and after the game. Unfortunately, the bottoms of spiked shoes cannot do that as they're not ideally worn on hard surfaces. 

    • Not intended for off-the-course wear

    One of the wonders of spikeless golf shoes is that they are crafted for on-the-course and off-the-course wear. It gives players the convenience to not think about their footwear at all. The spiked shoes beg to differ. Since they are fully designed to handle different terrains and types of swings, but not deliberately made for concrete. 

    Fun Facts about Spiked Golf Shoes

    • The first recorded spiked shoe was spotted on The Golfer's Manual in 1857.
    • Screw-in spikes were released in 1891. Compared to hob-nail shoes and boots, screw-ins provided comfort and improved the footing of many golfers. 
    • The saddle-oxford style, which eventually became the face of traditional spiked golf trainers, was popularized by Spalding in 1906. Initially, it was intended for racket sports, but players embrace it as much as golfers. Until today, certain brands still use saddles on their line-up.
    • Generally, golfers complained about the stiffness of golf shoes. During the 1980s, brands addressed this issue and launched trainers that are wearer-friendly and flexible. Along with this improvement, more casual golf shoe styles emerged as it borrowed designs from runners and sneakers. 
    • Metal spikes garnered the infamous reputation of damaging the greens. Brands are changing what has been embedded in shoe history and introduced softer materials like plastic and ceramics as alternatives. 

    What are the best spiked golf shoes in the market?

    Men's spiked golf shoes

    Adidas Tour 360 Boost 2.0

    It's no surprise that professional American golf player Dustin Johnson prefers this piece during his competitions. Along with the ten cleats, the bottom of the Tour 360 Boost 2.0 is equipped with several Adidas technologies like Centraxion, Torsion Tunnel, and Thintech. Aside from relentless surface hold, the foot is kept stable, supported, and close to the ground. 

    Footjoy Tour X

    As one of the oldest producers of golf shoes, know that Footjoy shares their expertise on what works well on the course. The Footjoy Tour X introduces not only a protruding spiked outsole, but several innovations like the PowerPlate and LaunchPods combine traction, comfort, and control.

    New Balance Fresh Foam LinksPro

    This New Balance model is specifically-made for the links. It gets outfitted with seven FastTwist 3.0 removable Pulsar cleats to make its replacement a breeze. Moreover, it is complemented with an exoskeleton TPU outsole that follows the natural motion of the foot. 

    Ecco Golf Lux

    It's hard not to think of spiked shoes without not thinking about the standard design that we've seen for so long. The Ecco Golf Lux is a modern interpretation of the traditional. Don't be deceived by its timeless looks though, CHAMP Slim-Lok Zarma spikes dominate the bottom to ensure that both traction and stability are achieved. 

    Women's spiked golf shoes

    Callaway Coronado

    Captivating the attention of many is the sleek construction wrapped in a smooth microfiber leather, but the bottom speaks more than its aggressive front. The Coronado is buffed up with the CHAMP PiviX Cleats with Slim-Lok fasteners to give a dependable grip without ruining the greens. Serving as a foundation of the cleats is a TPU Fusion-Lite outsole. It provides control and stability that come extremely beneficial. 

    Adidas Adipure DC

    The Adipure DC has many features to boast, but one that stands out is the six-spike Thintech that sits on Adiwear, an abrasion-resistant outsole. This shoe is built with women in mind, so going extra hard on the course should not cause any discomfort. 

    Skechers GOgolf Max - Mojo

    Defying the stereotype of spiked and traditional shoes is what Skechers is good at. A heavily textured TPU outsole holds the bottom of the GOgolf Max-Mojo to give it superior traction that lasts throughout each game. 

    Under Armour HOVR Drive

    Being close to the ground is one of the features that is usually being compromised by spikes. However, Under Armour addresses that by placing Rotational Resistance (RST 2.0) and Softspike Silver Tornado spikes on the outsole. Not only does it permit better footing, but it also keeps the foot locked, especially for lateral movements. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you maintain spiked bottom to extend its life?

    To ensure that the state of the spikes are always in perfect condition, making sure that they are always intact is necessary. Following these tips may help:

    • Check the cleats before and after each round. Just make sure that they are intact and properly secured on their respective receptacle. 
    • Do not overtighten your cleats as it can damage the receptacle. 
    • Properly storing the shoe can also affect the degradation of the material. Make sure that it is properly stored, and the trunk of the car doesn't count.

    How do I replace golf spikes?

    Owning cleated shoes also get the responsibility of replacing the spikes. 

    Maintaining the state of each cleat ensures that proper footing and stance is maintained. These are the steps that can be followed:

    • Clean the bottom of the shoe in preparation for the spike replacement. 
    • Place the wrench (this usually comes with the purchase of the shoe) at the spike and turn it counter-clockwise. It should loosen up with only one revolution. There are certain tools wherein two protrusions that are positioned with matching holes on the spike. It should be cleaned first. Insert the tool and likewise, turn counter-clockwise to loosen the spike. 
    • Discard the removed spike. 
    • Clean the area where the previous receptacle was. It can be done by wiping the area or digging the area with a divot repair tool. 
    • Using the new spike, place and tighten the new one by turning it clockwise using your hands. 
    • Use the wrench to tighten the cleat further. 
    • Repeat for the rest of the cleats. 

    Are golf spikes universal?

    Unfortunately, not all spikes are created equally. Aside from using different materials like plastic and ceramics, other brands are also using well-known brands like SoftSpikes in their line. 

    How often should I change my golf shoe spikes?

    There's really no strict ruling as to when spikes should be replaced. There are different factors that should be included that affect the degradation of the material like frequency of play, how well the shoe is taken care of, and the course conditions. Generally, changing the spikes once a year should get one covered.

    Are metal or steel spiked golf shoes still allowed on the course?

    Since golf doesn't come with referees, the game is left through the honor of the players. Because of this, rules also serve as essential. The maintenance of the course influences these rules, which is why wearing metal or steel spikes have long been banned because of the infamous reputation of digging up the greens.