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    Black hiking boots

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    1. Any color
      Haglofs Skuta Mid Proof Eco - Black (4980802CT)
      €140 €107 Save 24%
    2. Any color
      Salomon OUTline Mid GTX - black/beluga (L404763)
      €180 €107 Save 41%
    3. Any color
      Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX - phantom (L402455)
      €270 €199 Save 26%
    4. €290 €138 Save 52%
    5. €380 €199 Save 48%
    6. €410 €193 Save 53%
    7. €430 €223 Save 48%
    buy black hiking boots for men and women

    If you’re particular about style, a pair of black hiking boots is one of the safest footwear options you can avail. This type of gear is easy to pair with any kind of clothing or outdoor equipment you’re going to need on your journey. Along with its distinct look, these black boots are also built to keep your feet comfortable and supported from the additional weight you’re going to carry. Select footgear models are even packed with various technologies to protect your feet from harm and the elements. When you need a pair that combines style and performance, black hiking boots have the potential to meet your expectations.

    Why should men and women go for a pair of black hiking boots

    best black hiking boots

    Best black hiking boots - August 2019

    Wearing black boots for your hike offers certain benefits. To start with, any piece of clothing or gear that uses this particular color is capable of retaining heat. Studies have shown that the layers of black-colored material absorb heat and keep it better than any other color. This quality makes black hiking boots a preferred option if the trail you’re planning to traverse is set in cold weather. The extra insulation they grant will go a long way in keeping your feet warm.

    Another reason why you should invest in a pair of black hiking boots is style. Black is a color that’s easy to mix and match with any type of clothing or outdoor gear. You no longer need to overthink about your look because a pair of black boots will be easier to pull off with your outdoor outfit.

    Some footwear brands that carry the best men's and women's black hiking boots

    Salomon. The Salomon 4D 3 GTX is among the company’s finest hiking boots with a black colorway. It offers multi-day backpacking protection from wet trail conditions while keeping you steady using its Contagrip outsole.

    Danner. In Danner’s lineup of black hiking boots for women and men, you’ll see products that lean towards a classic construction. One of the brand’s offerings, the Danner Mountain Light, is one example. It features a retro one-piece upper made of full-grain leather with a Gore-Tex liner. Its upper is stitched to the boot’s outsole, granting it with enhanced underfoot stability.

    Lowa. The Lowa Camino GTX is one of the brand’s best men’s black hiking boots. Its rugged construction, impeccable support, and protective features make this product a fitting option for backpackers. This all black boot also possess Lowa’s proprietary technologies to help you get a better fit.

    Merrell. If you’re looking for black hiking boots by Merrell, the Wilderness is one of them. The footgear’s classic style incorporates a waterproof upper and a durable Vibram outsole, making this Merrell product suitable for multi-day backpacking trips.

    La Sportiva. Certain black hikers offered by this brand are suitable for single-day excursions. The La Sportiva Stream GTX is one such product, thanks to its lightweight mesh upper and grippy Vibram outsole. However, it doesn’t have an entirely black design because of the company’s name being highlighted on the upper.

    Zamberlan. There are black hiking boots manufactured by Zamberlan geared towards backpackers. Some of their finest black footgear products use full-grain leather uppers lined with a waterproof membrane, making them ideal for long treks. The 996 Vioz GTX is an example of a black boot that Zamberlan is selling.

    Adidas. This German company’s catalog of black hiking boots is crafted to serve adventurers who require a lightweight option. The benefits of wearing this brand’s black footgear models include breathability, protection from the elements, and lightness.

    Columbia. Specific premium black hiking boots made by Columbia, such as the Bugaboot III, are built for low-temperature environments. The gear’s high-cut waterproof leather upper houses layers of insulation to adequately protect your foot from cold temperatures. The boot’s black design also helps in retaining heat.

    The North Face. The North Face’s Back-To-Berkeley Redux represents some of the best black hiking boots this company is producing. A waterproof liner and layers of insulation can be found in its tough full-grain leather upper. These technologies make this pair an ideal option for low-temperature environments.

    Ecco. One of the company’s all black hiking boots, the Ecco Rugged Track GTX Hi, is designed for backpackers. It integrates Ecco’s patented Receptor technology which grants sufficient traction on virtually all types of terrain. A Gore-Tex membrane is also embedded into its full-grain leather upper to deliver protection against the elements.

    Hanwag. Hanwag’s Anvik GTX is one of the brand’s best all black hiking boots. It caters to backpacking enthusiasts by providing impeccable performance, comfort, and protection. Also, it offers ample insulation in cold weather.

    Under Armour. Similar to Adidas, Under Armour’s black hiking boots are built to satisfy day hikers who want to go light on the trail. Their all black mid-cut hikers contain the brand’s technologies to deliver a comfortable and lightweight pair that doesn’t compromise on support or traction.

    The different types of black hiking boots you can purchase

    Light hiking boots

    Black hiking boots under this category are best used for single-day trips. Since they are going to be worn in a less-demanding environment, these hikers can make the most out of its synthetic uppers and lightweight ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) midsoles. There are select black hiking boots that don’t possess a waterproof liner and focus more on providing a more breathable experience to outdoor enthusiasts.

    Winter hiking boots

    The top winter hiking boots are characterized by how insulated they are. This kind of gear usually sports a mid or high-cut upper lined with a waterproof membrane and layers of insulation. These technologies help in trapping heat inside the boot to keep your foot warm in cold weather. They also help in sealing water out at the same time. Black hiking boots crafted for this kind of environment are preferred because they trap heat better.

    Backpacking boots

    A pair of black backpacking boots are built for multi-day trips through challenging terrain. Since you’re going to carry a backpack, additional support should be provided to your feet. This type of footwear grants this benefit, along with other qualities crucial for a trek. These boots are imbued with sturdy uppers with waterproof liners to counter various wet trail conditions. The best backpacking boots are made even tougher, thanks to the use of thicker soles, reinforced toe caps, and stiff midsole components.

    Fit and sizing tips you can use when getting new black hiking boots

    Getting a new pair of black hiking boots can be a challenge, especially if you’re going to order one online. Here are some tips to keep in mind to help you get a precise fit from your new gear.

    • Outdoor footwear brands offer an assortment of black hiking boots for women and men. They are available in a range of whole and half sizes.
    • Select men’s and women’s black hiking boots come in regular width while some have a wide version.
    • Place the back of your foot against the wall while stepping on a piece of paper. Mark the position of your longest toe with a pen. Afterward, get a ruler or measuring tape to get the length of your foot. Use this information to get your foot’s corresponding size. Most footwear companies have a guide in their websites where you can find out the exact size of your foot.
    • Buying new black hiking boots in an actual outdoor store is easier in terms of fitting. Keep in mind to wear your preferred hiking socks. This piece of clothing contributes a little girth to your foot. Wearing these socks help you determine the size of the pair you’re going to get.
    • Once you’ve found black hiking boots that fit you, lace them up tightly and walk around in them for a bit. In doing so, you’ll have an idea of how they feel on your feet.
    • It’s best to fit on a new pair during the afternoon. Your foot swells a little bit during this time of the day. Trying new black hiking boots at this time will give you the best possible fit.

    Frequently asked questions about the best black hiking boots

    How can I preserve the quality of my black hiking boots?

    Keeping your footgear in good condition is a must for every outdoor enthusiast. Shown below are some tips to help you maintain your black hiking boots after each trip.

    • Remove your pair’s set of laces and footbeds before cleaning them. Taking these shoe parts away will give you greater access to those hard-to-reach areas.
    • Obtain a soft brush or a damp piece of cloth to wipe away dust and dirt gently.
    • After accomplishing the previous steps, you can now start rinsing your black hiking boots under running water. While you’re at it, mix some mild detergent with water. Use this solution to clean your footwear thoroughly.
    • Applying a coat of leather conditioner or waterproofing treatment on your black hiking boots is recommended after washing them. The upper should be completely soaked in water before applying these products. You can skip this tip if your boots are waterproof membrane-lined.
    • Place your black hiking boots in a spot with low-humidity. Never use a heat source, such as a blow dryer, to dry your footgear. Also, don’t leave your pair where the sun’s rays can hit it as it may affect the quality of the product.
    • If you want to speed up the drying process, you can place your newly-cleaned black hiking boots in front of a fan.
    • Keep your footwear in places with normal temperature. Storing your black hiking boots in unventilated areas, like attics and garages, can lead to deterioration.

    Should I wear compression socks along with my black hiking boots?

    Compression socks are crafted to wrap around your leg by using a stretchy material, like Spandex. This piece of clothing is designed to improve your leg’s blood flow while reducing swelling and discomfort in the process. This benefit will help you have a more comfortable hiking experience. If you rather have socks that aren’t too tight, you can use a pair made of Merino wool. They also grant a comfy feel while dissipating heat inside the boot better.