We spent 6.7 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what basketball players think:

11 reasons to buy

  • The majority of commenters say that the materials used on these Anta basketball shoes feel premium.
  • Numerous KT 4 wearers notice that the underlining of the upper helps keep the shoes from overstretching.
  • The impact protection from Anta KT 4 is amazing, says some reviewers.
  • These basketball shoes feel light on foot, based on several comments.
  • Many shoe owners like the fit of these kicks.
  • For some, the cutout at the back is a welcome feature. They claim that it helps in their ankle mobility.
  • A lot of reviews mention that the huge Achilles pillows add to the heel containment feature of these basketball shoes.
  • Some sneakerheads fancy the Flywire-like lacing system of these basketball shoes. They say that it helps in locking the foot down well.
  • The traction of these basketball shoes on clean courts is insane, according to a couple of reviewers.
  • The TPU wing on the side of these basketball shoes provides good lateral support, based on a number of reviews.
  • A few users appreciate knit collar of the Anta KT 4. They say that it makes the shoes easy to put on.

4 reasons not to buy

  • Most of the users are unhappy about the high offset brought about by the A-Flash Foam cushion.
  • Some reviewers are hesitant to use these basketball shoes on outdoor courts because the outsole feels very soft.
  • Many are disappointed because the upper of these basketball shoes look very similar to the LeBron 15 or even the LeBron 16.
  • Court feel is not very good in these basketball shoes, says a few wearers.

Bottom line

The Anta KT 4 receives mix reviews. These basketball shoes get positive feedback for fit, traction, materials, weight, responsiveness, heel containment, lateral support, and impact protection. However, some reviewers are unhappy with its look, saying that it looks a lot like ripped off version of the LeBron 16 from Nike. Furthermore, the new A-Flash Foam is way too soft. Still, the Anta KT 4 is a good performer; but when compared to other shoes within its price range, reviewers say that there are better options.


Expert Reviews

90 / 100 based on 11 expert reviews

  • 92 / 100 | MARKCHES | | Level 5 expert

    I would prefer the upper of the WAW 7 because it doesn’t stretch that much. The upper of the KT 4 stretches a bit, so there’s a bit of lag time. I like the responsiveness of the upper of the WAW 7. Heel containment and lockdown on both is awesome. The KT 4 is very grippy and no break-in time needed. For outdoor use, I would recommend the WAW 7 over the KT 4. As for fit and size, both have a very snug fit. Price point-wise, the KT 4 is cheaper than the WAW 7. Given the performance and price point, go with the KT 4.

  • 90 / 100 | The Sole Brothers | | Level 5 expert

    The KT 4 is really squeaky and stops harder and better. For outdoor use, we’ll tie it up. Bit for traction on indoor courts, I would say the KT 4 is better just by a little bit. If you want more responsive cushion, go for KT 3. If you want a really really soft cushion, then get the KT 4. For me personally, I would pick the KT 3. Overall material quality, the KT 4 feels a little bit nicer. Fit is around the same.Widthwise, slightly narrow, really good for my foot. The KT 4 is easier to put on with its stretchy knit. Support and lockdown, I would say the KT 3 is better. The KT 3 feels lighter and more responsive. Ventilation, the 3 is a little bit better. Overall comfort, the KT4 is very comfortable. The KT 4 has better heel-to-toe transition because the heel compresses a lot. They’re both good out of the box, but the KT4 is better once you break in. What is the better performer? Right now, I would pick the 4 because I love the impact protection.

  • 95 / 100 | WearTesters | | Level 5 expert

    This was an easy review so my final thoughts will be short and sweet. The KT1 was good. The KT2 was very good. The KT3 was a little better. The KT4 is great. It’s so good. The Anta KT4 is ton of fun to play in. It’s reliable. You’ve got to try them for yourself.

  • 90 / 100 | WearTesters | | Level 5 expert

    Right off the bat, these guys right here, much like the first three, are just awesome performers. They’re getting better with every iteration, which I think is great. On this particular shoe, it did need a little bit of break-in. They work great outdoors, they work really good indoors. If any dust is present, all you got to do is just do a quick wipe. The cushion is new stuff. For what it’s worth for Anta, they call it Flash Foam and this stuff is awesome. The heel itself is a little bit higher in height than the forefoot. You feel a lot more bounce in the rear in the shoe than you do in the forefoot. It’s almost uneven, which is something that I do not like. The materials are a one-piece fold knit bootie construction. I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it. It works better than the LeBron 15 in my opinion. As far as the fit, go true to size. They fit me perfectly. As far as lockdown is concerned, it was better than the LeBron 15. But it is overall a very similar set-up. These Flywire-like strands are also something that I don’t like. The overall support in these, despite having that knitted upper, is fantastic mostly because of the base. The outrigger area extended all the way through the midfoot, which I love even more. It covers that area no matter what movement you’re doing.

  • 90 / 100 | MARKCHES | | Level 5 expert

    The upper knit material is not stretchy and more structured. The toe box is relatively soft, but still structured. The lateral support is very good. There’s enough lateral outrigger that goes all the way to the midfoot. I like this plastic material in the heel part of the shoe. It contains and hugs your foot well. Heel containment for this shoe is quite nice. There’s a huge Achilles pillow that can lock down your heel and Achilles. Lockdown and support in the heel part are pretty awesome. The sock-like opening is stretchy. It’s not hard to put your foot in. another touch that I like is the hollow area in the heel. It gives you more movement and doesn’t restrict your ankle movements. The feeling of the A Flash Foam is kind of a feeling between Boost and React, which is, for me, very good. The only downside of this cushion is it’s pretty thick so you feel kind of high off the ground, but the responsiveness of the shoe is pretty good. Court feel is not that good because it’s quite high. Another nice thing about the Flash Foam is after using it, you can’t find any creases or compression marks on the foam. I can really feel the bounciness and impact protection here. On the forefoot part, you can feel the bounciness of the cushion, at the same time making the shoe responsive. The traction of the KT 4 is still the fingerprint pattern that you can find on the KT 3. Very good traction. I like that they didn’t change it, the pattern and the material compound of the shoe. At the bottom of the shoe, you can find a TPU shank that’s gonna spring you back. It is also a nice touch that they carried from the KT 3. Would I recommend the KT 4? For those who like impact protection and bounciness and don’t mind feeling a bit high off the ground, the KT 4 is excellent for you. What you can find in this shoe is excellent, well-balanced cushion at the same time excellent traction, good enough support on the upper and it’s a pretty good-looking shoe, even though it kind of looks like the LeBron 15. I really like the thread combination on the upper.

  • 90 / 100 | The Sole Brothers | | Level 5 expert

    On a clean court, they both have really good stops. Dusty setting, though, I would say the Kyrie 4 performs a little bit better. The KT 4 picks up dust pretty fast and it is really annoying to wipe off. Impact protection, I would say the KT 4 performs better. Court feel and response, Kyrie 4 is better. The KT 4 has a very nice premium-feeling knit. On foot, the KT 4 is softer and a lot more cozy. Go true to size for the Kyrie and go down half a size for the KT 4. Support and lockdown, the KT 4 is not as good especially in the toe area. It’s really easy to put the shoe on. I also like the Achilles pillows at the back. The Kyrie 4 is lighter because the KT 4 is really chunky in the heel. The Kyrie 4 feels more responsive. KT 4 for comfort. Heel-to-toe transition, they’re both good. With KT 4, there’s no break-in time needed. Aesthetics, Kyrie 4. Ventilation, KT 4 is a little hot. Durability, I would say the KT 4 is a little better. What’s the better performer? The Kyrie 4

Become an expert

The Anta KT 4 is the fourth release from the Chinese brand’s Klay Thompson signature series. Following the “Do not fix what ain’t broken” mantra, these basketball shoes have similar features that are also found on the KT 3 - the fingerprint pattern on the outsole and the cutout at the back of the heel. A new feature found on these basketball shoes is the A-FlashFoam technology.

Cushion. The Anta KT 4 features the A-FlashFoam cushion under the heel area. This technology is made of a thick foam that absorbs the impact as the foot hits the ground. It is caged on the lateral side in order to ensure that lateral movements are stable and traction is maximized.

Traction. The outsole of the Anta KT 4 is made of a solid rubber compound. It features the fingerprint pattern that is similar to the one found on the KT 3 model. It provides superb traction on both clean and dusty courts.

Length and Width. These basketball shoes fit true to size, lengthwise. Widthwise, though, some reviews mention that it is a bit narrow, but eventually stretches because of the knit material.

Lockdown. The Anta KT 4 uses Flywire-like eyelets that extend to the insole. Once the laces are tied, they can keep the midfoot locked in. Also, it features a one-bootie construction, which also effectively locks the foot in.

The material used on the upper of the Anta KT 4 is called A-Web. This technology features a 360-degree ventilation function. It comes in three layers, namely the upper mesh, lower mesh, and the middle EVA layer. Together, these materials create a soft, comfortable, supportive, and protective fit.

The silhouette of the Anta KT 4 looks similar to the LeBron 15 basketball shoes. The KT 4 have a high-top collar with a cutout at the back of the heel, a carry-over feature from the KT 3. As a result, these shoes offer enough ankle support without restricting ankle movement.

The Anta KT 4 comes in basic and special colorways as listed below:

  • Black
  • Black/Metal Gold/Green
  • Blue
  • Orange/Grey
  • Purple/Orange/White
  • Red
  • Red/Black/White
  • White/Blue
  • Yellow/White

Anta Klay Thompson KT 4 Camouflage

This Anta KT 4 colorway uses a green, black, grey, and white color combination in a camouflage print.

Anta Klay Thompson KT 4 Christmas

The Christmas colorway of the Anta KT 4 is dressed in fluorescent green, fluorescent red, and white color combo.

Anta Klay Thompson KT 4 Make It Rain

This Anta KT 4 colorway is engineered with a striking black, white, blue, and purple combination.

Anta Klay Thompson KT 4 On Fire

Aptly named the Anta KT On Fire, these basketball shoes feature an all-red upper sitting atop a red and white outsole.

Anta Klay Thompson KT 4 Shock The Game

The Anta Klay Thompson KT 4 Shock The Game colorway comes in a combination of black, metal gold, and white.

Anta Klay Thompson KT 4 Still Waters Run Deep

The color combination of the Anta KT 4 is composed of black, white, and green.

Anta Klay Thompson KT 4 Veteran’s Day

An attractive Anta Klay Thompson KT 4 colorway is released that is inspired by Veteran’s Day. It has a mix of solid blue and blue and white camouflage design.

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