We spent 9.2 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what sneaker fanatics think:

6 reasons to buy

  • A good number of buyers think that the shoes are affordable and is worth every penny spent.
  • Comments are made by a handful of reviewers that the DC Trase TX SE are really comfy shoe
  • According to some, the material used and the upgraded laces make the DC Trase TX SE easy to wear for days when one needs to dress up or even for days when dressing down is a choice.
  • This low-top skate shoe is available in a wide variety of colorways that are great for matching with one’s style, a bonus for some buyers.
  • Some buyers like how the DC Trase TX SE looks; stylish and trendy.
  • The flexibility in construction is another plus, especially for those who used the shoes for skateboarding.

2 reasons not to buy

  • One wearer observes that the DC Trase TX SE creased easily.
  • The footbed feels stiff and rigid for one buyer.

Bottom line

The DC Trase TX SE is one of the many iterations of DC’s original skate shoe silhouette, the DC Trase. Like its original counterpart, the price point of the DC Trase TX SE is easy on the pocket without sacrificing quality. These low-top sneakers are great for using both on and off the skateboard.

The majority of wearers were happy with the pair. They found that the DC Trase TX SE was comfortable enough to be rated a good pair of sturdy kicks.


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The DC Trase TX SE is a pair of shoes that boast an excellent construction for good ankle mobility. With the canvas upper, one would think that the shoes would be constricting the feet and yet it doesn’t. The padded footbed, collar, and tongue give one the much-needed support the feet needs especially when on a skateboard. Off the board, the paddings add comfort when walking around and wearing it.

A unisex shoe, the DC Trase TX SE comes in men and women’s US sizing.

Primarily a pair of skate shoes, the bold and stylish DC Trase TX SE are a pair of kicks that are to be reckoned with. With this special edition low-top silhouette, new bold graphic prints and colors take center stage, offering a style for everyone. It has an all canvas upper and a higher fox taping that allows the DC Trase TX SE to have a well-defined feel and look to it. The design is both comfortable and fashionable, perfect for skating but versatile enough to be worn while hanging out with friends.

Depending on the colorways that one chooses, both light and dark jeans go great with the DC Trase TX SE. For women, pairing these with a denim skirt, shorts or even summer dresses will do the outfit justice. For a more classy look for those date nights, a cardigan for men can go a long way.

 A closer look at the low-top DC Trase TX SE will give you a better understanding of what great features this sneaker has. With DC being known to be attentive to detail, the first thing one will notice is the variations in colorways this particular model has. From black, white, grey, to blue, beige, and khaki, the options are varied and many with different bold graphic prints making its way onto the canvas upper, too. It’s great for those who are into trendy looks.

Metal eyelets and waxed square laces add to the overall style of the shoes and make for more durable laces that stay in place. This is a great example of how DC uses luxe materials to push its shoes forward in the world of sneakers.

Another feature that gives the DC Trase TX SE its distinctive look is its extra cushioning and the higher foxing tape. All these give the sneakers the kick it needs to be durable and functional on and off the skateboard.

When we trace back the history of DC, we are instantly taken back to 1994. This was the year when Damon Way and Ken Block came together to bring their startup, DC, to life. DC launched in California and throughout the 90s, steadily grew to the company it is today.

The brand now offers footwear and other various merchandises for different extreme sports such as surfing, snowboarding, BMX, motocross, snowboarding and more. The company’s movement into advanced technologies and design has given DC the boost it needs. With its great offering to the public, some of the brand’s silhouettes have become insanely in demand, propelling the brand as a whole to massive popularity.

One of these well-liked DC silhouettes is a shoe that is part of the brand's skate shoe line up, the DC Trase TX. This was introduced in the spring of 2015. DC soon moved to release a special edition version of this in the form of the DC Trase TX SE. It hit the market having slightly more distinction over the original model such as waxed laces, a specialty textile upper and a variety of colorways.

  • The DC Trase TX SE has abrasion-resistant sticky rubber outsoles for a great board feel.
  • It sports DC’s trademarked pill pattern recessed tread.
  • One can find DC’s print logo on the tongue, the sides, and the heel counter.

The shoes have a wraparound midsole paired with a textured toe bumper.

Danny McLoughlin
Danny McLoughlin

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