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8 reasons to buy

  • For most reviewers, DC Switch S shoes are truly comfortable footwear that can be worn for more than 12 hours and still feel good on the feet. Many of them also complimented the plush OrthoLite insoles.
  • Many users praised the sleek looks of the low-top DC shoes. Some of them reported receiving numerous compliments on their choice of kicks.
  • The lifestyle sneakers fit perfectly even for people with wide feet, several testers reported. The shoes can stretch and break in to adjust to the wearer’s feet.
  • A good number of people were impressed by the quality and durability of the DC Switch S.
  • Numerous purchasers cited the colorways of these casual skate shoes as excellent.
  • Some buyers liked how well the shoes performed as skating footwear. They stated that the bottom of the shoes were flexible and the ollie areas had great resistance and board feel.
  • The DC Switch S sneakers are lightweight which makes them perfect for skating or walking around the city, a few consumers commented.
  • One customer mentioned that the low-top sneakers provided good support, especially for someone like him with a bad back.

1 reasons not to buy

  • The tongues and collars on the DC Switch S are slightly too thin, one person reported.

Bottom line

The DC Switch S is a truly remarkable model with all the characteristics of a dependable and noteworthy shoe. These kicks provide excellent comfort in the form of good arch support, premium OrthoLite insoles, and flexible uppers that stretch to accommodate even wide feet. The style is sleek and low-key but eye-catching all the same. Flexible bottoms, lightweight feel, and durable uppers made of Super Suede round these shoes off perfectly.



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The DC Switch S is available only in men’s sizes with measurements ranging from 6 to 14. The shoes have a five-hole lacing system for adjusting the fit. The OrthoLite footbeds provide the necessary arch support and cushioning.

DC has landed a 360 flip late laser flip with the Switch S and you can do the same with your style. Switch it up a notch by going trendy and pairing your sneakers with chinos, a tee, and a streamlined field jacket.

The first thing users think of when talking about the DC Switch S is how comfortable the sneakers are, and with good reason. The Switch S contains extra plush OrthoLite insoles that will help your feet feel good even after hours of doing flips and tricks on your board. The sneakers also feature Achilles relief at the heels as well as Super Suede uppers that give them extra durability while still retaining comfort and softness.

DC Shoes, Inc is one of the most famous brands in the US when it comes to skateboarding footwear. The company was established by Damon Way and Ken Block in Carlsbad, California in 1994. This company took off from their first successful venture named Eightball, which were a line of screen-printed shirts that were sold in skate shops. Since Ken was an experienced snowboarder and Damon was a skateboarder, DC Shoes, Inc just felt like a natural extension of their passion.

The company proved to be brilliant at making excellent performance footwear, and the DC brand became quickly known in the world of skateboarding and beyond. Later, the brand would also branch out to manufacture lifestyle footwear.

  • The DC Switch S are low-top skate shoes with grippy rubber outsoles that resist heel impacts.
  • Blind seams on the lateral sides of the sneakers add durability.
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