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Who should not buy it

The DC Stag is another good-looking DC sneaker that would do better if you need arch support. For people who are looking for something more comfortable off the box, check out the DC Legacy 98 Slim. If you want a sneaker that can seriously take a beating, the DC Manteca deserves a look. 

The DC Pure High-Top is one slick kick

According to one wearer, the core of this sneaker’s aesthetic is the “classic DC feel, awesome modern patterns, and texture” which are carried out by the different graphics and placed masterfully around the sneaker. These details seem to have hit the mark for several people, with another wearer sharing that they get “non-stop compliments from everyone [they] run into.”

DC Pure High-Top Upper

People love seeing them in get-ups which include hoodies, particularly with plain pants, shorts, or joggers to allow the sneaker’s cool skate-inspired styling to pop off.

The DC Pure High-Top’s looks definitely last

An underrated feature of this sneaker’s looks is how well it can keep its form due to the quality materials used. One fan shared their excitement, saying “they have not lost their shape and fit where most shoes start breaking down at this point” three weeks into wearing them.

DC Pure High-Top High-top

In addition, a few people have found them easy to clean, one of whom spent their first hours “walking in the woods and wading through a muddy pond” only to have the shoe “washed off with water and air-dried beautifully.”

The DC Pure High-Top has some skating chops

The sneaker retains some features that allow it to be used for skating. First, it has been said to provide a good grip for both skating and one-wheeling. Second, its ankle support has proven to be valuable for skating. And lastly, a skateboarder mentions that its stability helps both people with flat feet or balance concerns.

DC Pure High-Top Midsole

While they are generally considered durable sneakers, lasting people several months depending on how heavily they were used, some pairs have given way in as little as one week due to problems in the upper or with the stitching.

The DC Pure High-Top is top-to-bottom soft

One thing that testers love about the sneaker’s comfort is the amount of padding all around. One of them raves about the “mega-comfy interior and lots of padding” in the sneaker while another absolutely adores how the “super fat tongue” feels on their ankles. One person even shared that they feel great even without socks on.

DC Pure High-Top Insole

Its cupsole offers an additional use for another tester, offering “great impact protection for jumping around.”

The DC Pure High-Top: Snug and toasty

Wide-footers and narrow-footers alike have found solace in finding a well-fitting sneaker. On top of its range, several have praised its snug fit, saying their heels do not slip because of it.

DC Pure High-Top Outsole

On top of that, a few have mentioned how warm these felt, making them handy for colder weather. A winter variant for the DC Pure High-Top is also offered by DC, using nubuck and a shearing lining to further improve its utility in this regard.

The DC Pure High-Top goes at a reasonable price

The DC Pure High-Top’s basic model retails at $75, below the average high-cut DC sneaker at $80, and the average high-cut skate-inspired sneaker at $85. People liked the value they were getting at the price point.

DC Pure High-Top Tongue

History of the DC Pure High-Top

From a shoe company that found fame as a manufacturer of quality skateboarding shoes, DC has come a long way from its roots. It also expanded into different sports such as BMX, motocross, and snowboarding among others, and they’ve succeeded very well in these ventures.

DC Pure High-Top dc-pure-high-top-heelback

Their lifestyle shoes bear the trademark DC characteristics of durability combined with style cues from their athletic heritage design. The result is often phenomenal as evidenced here in the DC Pure High-Top silhouette. The shoes take much of their inspiration from the DC Pure silhouette from the slightly chunky build to the panels around the uppers of the shoes. In addition to their high cut, they also feature a distinctive DC graphic on the sides.

Facts / Specs

Base model: DC Pure
Style: Sporty
Top: High
Inspired from: Skate
Closure: Laces
Material: Leather, Suede, Rubber Sole, Cup Sole
Season: Spring, Fall

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