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7 reasons to buy

  • Several purchasers commented that the DC Mikey Taylor 2 S is a fantastic shoe for a really low price.
  • A couple of reviewers applauded the excellent board feel of this skate shoe.
  • Some stated that this low-top feels comfortable right out of the box.
  • The Super Suede material on the upper really helps in extending this shoe’s durability, according to numerous reviewers.
  • A few reviewers highlighted that they like how this shoe flicks perfectly when skating.
  • A handful of purchasers were pleased with this Mikey Taylor shoe’s clean design.
  • The DC Mikey Taylor 2 S shoe is made available in a wide range of colorway options.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Although not a major issue, some reviewers had to get better insoles to support and protect their feet better when skating.
  • One skater commented that he wishes improvement on the toe cap and make it less rounded and more pointed instead.

Bottom line

Like its predecessor, the DC Mikey Taylor 2 S skate shoe captured the hearts of many sneaker wearers, skaters or not, for its stylish façade and impressive performance. The simple aesthetics allow versatile styling. At the same time, it features DC's top of the line technologies that make it one of the best stylish skate shoes to date. The Super Suede construction enhances durability, while the heel stabilizer and well-cushioned collar and tongue give the necessary foot support and protection. This Mikey Taylor DC signature shoe even comes at a budget-friendly price tag, making it even more appealing to most buyers.



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The DC Mikey Taylor 2 S is a low-top skate shoe equipped with a sufficiently padded collar and tongue for increased protection without any foot restriction. The lace closure is adjustable for a customized fit. An added feature in this latest Mikey Taylor DC signature shoe is a heel stabilizer for extra support. Also, it also utilizes a drop in UniLite midsole for impact protection and improved comfort. 

This skate shoe is available in men’s sizes ranging from 4 to 14 in D Standard width. Offered as well are half sizes.

Skate in style with the DC Mikey Taylor 2 S shoe. Designed to perform in and out of skate parks, it flaunts a minimal and versatile aesthetic that can take you from skating to the streets in no time. The Super Suede upper with a clean vamp gives your feet a street-ready appeal, while the rest of the features are a nod to classic skate shoes. Because of its versatility, it can be worn with any ensemble from jeans to shorts, jogger pants, or chinos.

This latest signature DC skate shoe of professional skateboarder Mikey Taylor is built to perform. Like its predecessors, it boasts a clean and versatile flair with a minimal upper in Super Suede construction for enhanced durability and performance. However, unlike the first DC Mikey Taylor S model, this one only has four sets of eyelets (only one set is of metal material) and lacks piping details along the edge of each quarter panel.  As design and functional upgrade, the DC Mikey Taylor 2 S shoe also features a heel stabilizer and brogue-inspired perforation detailing on the toe vamp and heel.

The DC Shoes, Inc. is an established action sports footwear, apparel, and accessories brand founded by Damon Way and Ken Block in 1994. It serves men, women, and kids with high-quality products that can be used for action sports, such as skateboarding or snowboarding, and casual use.

To date, it can be considered as a pillar in the skate shoes category backed up by a team of renowned professional skateboarders such as Nyjah Huston, Chris Cole, Felipe Gustavo, Steve Berra, and Mikey Taylor among others. Mikey Taylor was one of the first few ones in the team to have a signature DC skate shoe model. Called as DC Mikey Taylor, the shoe debuted in 2012 as part of DC’s Rediscover campaign.

Three years later, DC and Mikey Taylor released the second pro model of the pro skater called the DC Mikey Taylor 2 as a follow up to the DC Mikey Taylor model. It has added features such as the brogue-inspired perforation detailing, a heel stabilizer, and a UniLite midsole for improved impact protection. To further step up the game, DC also released a Super Suede version of this pro model called the DC Mikey Taylor 2 S. It is aesthetically similar to the second signature shoe of Mikey Taylor, but it utilizes a Super Suede construction on the upper which is 50% more durable than regular suede.

  • The DC Mikey Taylor 2 S skate shoe features a signature Pill-patterned tread for durable traction and grip on and off the board.
  • Displayed on the tongue is Mikey Taylor’s signature branding, while on the quarter panels and sole are DC logos.
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