We spent 10 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what sneaker fanatics think:

6 reasons to buy

  • The DC Lynx Lite Zero sneakers are affordable.
  • One of the lifestyle sneakers offered by DC, most reviewers highly appreciate its premium look and aesthetic.
  • Some reviewers reported that this DC Lynx shoe is very comfortable when worn.
  • A few purchasers commented that this shoe is lightweight.
  • Several reviewers appreciated that this shoe is soft and breathable.
  • At least one reviewer said that the Lynx Lite Zero is great fitting.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A couple of reviewers stated that they got a bit disappointed that the leather upper is thinner than it looks.
  • Limited colorways are available for the DC Lynx Lite Zero sneakers.

Bottom line

Ideal for everyday casual use is one of the renditions of the classic DC Lynx skate shoes called the DC Lynx Lite Zero. Revamped with lighter construction and build, the Lynx Lite Zero provides wearers with the right out-of-the-box comfort and breathability. Its premium materials and deconstructed design make up a stylish façade that reviewers surely appreciate. It is great fitting, and it comes with an affordable price point, too.


The DC Lynx Lite Zero is a low-top sneaker offered in men’s sizing from US 4 to 14, half sizes included, in D Standard width. Its profile permits flexible ankle mobility, while its Ghillie lace closure system allows a customizable fit that can be tightened or loosened depending on the wearer’s preference.

The lightweight and deconstructed version of the DC Lynx skate shoe flaunts a low-top profile in a premium, top-quality leather upper and Ghillie lace closure. Another must-have sneaker from DC, the DC Lynx Lite Zero shoe offers durability, comfort, protection, and stylish flair for an everyday shoe. Its lightweight construction, excellent finish, and great colors are sufficient factors that make it a perfect casual shoe.

The DC Lynx Lite Zero sneakers truly live up to its name. It features a lightweight, deconstructed, no-sew leather or suede upper. As one of the Lynx renditions, it features the signature Lynx T-toe design accent and Ghillie lace construction.  

This DC shoe also features a UniLite rubber sole for a lightweight and flexible ride and Ortholite insoles for additional in-shoe comfort.

DC Shoes, Inc. has established itself as a promising and well-known footwear brand that specializes in performance skate shoes. Over the years, it has designed and manufactured famous and iconic DC skate shoes that not only dominate the skate market but the general sneaker market as well. The quality, comfort, durability, and style of these shoes have made them easily recognized even outside the walls of skate parks by casual consumers.

The DC Lynx is one of the most popular performance-based skate shoes that the American brand created. Considered a classic and an icon, it was one of the brand's frontrunners in the late ‘90s. It was a favorite among skateboarders - professionals and amateurs alike, and even hobbyists or casual wearers.

The DC Lynx came a long way since its popularity peaked in 1998. It has been reissued and rereleased a number of times throughout the years, and further received some upgrades through recent renditions. One of these is the DC Lynx Lite Zero.

The DC Lynx Lite Zero is a lighter and slimmer version of the original DC Lynx skate shoe. It utilizes a no-sew leather upper combined with DC’s UniLite rubber sole technology to cut down some weight, and Ortholite insoles for added comfort. Other features include DC Lynx’s signature T-toe overlays and Ghillie lace closure. The DC Lynx Lite Zero is available in brown, blue, black, and navy.

  • The classic DC branding is seen on the side walls.
  • A loop tab is featured on the heel for easy on and off wear.
Danny McLoughlin
Danny McLoughlin

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