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Base model: DC Lynnfield
Top: Low
Inspired from: Skate
Collection: DC Casual Shoes
Closure: Strap
Material: Suede
Price: $70
Colorways: Black, Green
Small True to size Large
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The DC Lynnfield V S are skate shoes designed specifically for men. Unlike most skate shoes, it features three Velcro straps instead of traditional laces or a slip-on construction. These Velcro straps provide a snugger fit than a slip-on and more convenience than a lace-up. 

The suede upper gives sufficient hold and support on foot, while a vulcanized construction ensures superior board feel. 

DC stepped up its Velcro skate shoe game by releasing a Velcro version of the DC Lynnfield shoes. This low-top skate shoe radiates a relaxed and laidback vibe ideal not just for a fuss-free skate session but also for everyday casual use. 

The suede upper in monochromatic subdued colors sure adds value to its overall aesthetic, but the Velcro straps highlight the silhouette's always-on-the-go façade. The DC Lynnfield V S is a versatile shoe that one could wear from day to night with jeans, chinos, shorts, slim-fitting jeans, or anything. 

Truly a standout shoe among other DC skate shoes is the DC Lynnfield V S because of its Velcro straps. Unlike the majority of skate shoes not just from DC but also from other skate shoe brands, the Lynnfield V S features a convenient Velcro closure instead of the usual laces or a slip-on. This type of closure allows wearers a much easier option to slip into their pairs. 

Another noteworthy feature of this shoe is the Super Suede uppers, hence the S in the name. DC shoes with this technology are more durable than those with regular suede or other upper materials. 

Partners Ken Block and Damon Way launched the DC Shoes, Inc. in 1992 as a footwear brand that designs and manufactures performance skate shoes. One of its earliest marketing strategies to infiltrate the skateboarding market is forming a team of professional skateboarders that help in developing and promoting its skate shoe models. 

Today, DC is known as one of the most recognized skate shoe brands worldwide. Its skate shoe lineup has grown exponentially over the years and includes models that deliver comfort, performance, and style. One of these shoes is the DC Lynnfield V S.

The DC Lynnfield V S is the Velcro version of the popular DC Lynnfield skate shoe. It flaunts a low-top construction with three Velcro straps as closure. It also has a vulcanized outsole for superior board feel and lightweight ride, and a Super Suede upper that withstands rough rides. 

  • The DC Lynnfield V S also features Impact-S technology for impact protection, abrasion-resistant sticky rubber outsole, and DC's trademarked Pill Pattern tread for grip and traction. 


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