Our verdict


Josh Kalis’ iconic shoe, DC Kalis Lite, is brought back from the archives, now with more innovative features. It oozes a lot of ‘90s cool, ideal for those looking for a retro yet updated look. Its main attraction is its lightweight and comfortable construction. Skating tricks are made easier with the versatile sneaker, yet it can also do well for any casual activity.


  • Different colorways available
  • Good-looking sneakers
  • Great sole board feel
  • Great collar and tongue padding
  • Skates well
  • Budget-friendly price
  • Lightweight


  • Makes feet sweaty
  • Fits too small
  • Tongue slips sideways

Who should buy the DC Kalis Lite

This pair of DC Kalis Lite sneakers suit your preference if:

  • You want a pair with a silhouette coming from the skating industry
  • You want a low-cut shoe

DC Kalis Lite logo

Versatile style of DC Kalis Lite

With its versatile style, the DC Kalis Lite can be paired with shorts or long pants, along with ankle or high socks. The sporty low-top style can be used for any occasion. It has an athletic-inspired design that looks good with any outfit for the day.

DC Kalis Lite low-cut style

Distinct features of DC Kalis Lite

The Kalis Lite shoe uses the classic ghillie lacing system. On the shoe’s side and front is the DC logo, with additional DC Shoes Co. USA branding on the tongue. 

DC Kalis Lite lacing system

Josh Kalis' branding is also featured. Along with a low-profile retro look, the shoe contains subtle details that honor the legacy of the iconic JK1 model.

It has an updated sole and a classic upper that is still trendy and cool.

DC Kalis Lite sole

DC Kalis Lite history

The low-top DC Kalis Lite shoe was a result of a partnership with legendary skate icon Josh Kalis.

DC Kalis Lite design

First released in the year 2000, the Josh Kalis JK1 sneaker served as the inspiration for the DC Kalis Lite. It was built back up with a runner-inspired sole, effectively updating the iconic shoe. 

DC Kalis Lite midsole

Josh Kalis is known as a street skateboarder, influential in the LOVE Park scene in the late 1990s. His style, flat-ground flips, and various other tricks have inspired many skaters over the years. 

The Kalis Lite shoe is a reflection of his passion and ability, with a classic silhouette and paneling fit for any occasion beyond the skate world.