Our verdict


Danner designers have seemingly made yet another masterpiece in the Explorer. Their brilliance in boot-making is also seen in the hiker’s A-grade waterproofing, super-precise fit, and overflowing amounts of comfort. That said, the gear is not without a few faults. Indeed, some questioned its width, while some lambasted its weight. Nevertheless, the Danner Explorer is an excellent choice for those who find its strengths quite empowering in their adventures.


  • Effective waterproofing
  • Superb durability
  • Comfortable interior
  • Amazing grip
  • Flexible collar


  • Narrow
  • Unflattering heaviness
  • Hit-or-miss arch support
  • Long break-in time

Who should buy the Danner Explorer

The Danner Explorer 6” brown leather boot is adequately equipped with trail-specific features suitable for day-long hikes. Get it if:

  • you want an outdoor gear made from a wider platform, giving you improved stability on the trails.
  • you want a recraftable footwear.
  • you want a waterproof Danner boot that helps keep you dry on unexpected rainy hikes.

Danner Explorer brand logo

Danner Explorer’s sticky Vibram Kletterlift outsole

Trail seekers are promised security on precarious backcountry surfaces, may they be in wet or dry condition, with the Explorer’s grippy Vibram Kletterlift outsole.

Danner Explorer Vibram Kletterlift outsole

Its slip and skid resistance comes mostly from its numerous lugs—both the blocky protrusions along its edges and the cross-shaped studs at its center.

Danner Explorer Vibram Kletterlift lugs

Explorer from Danner employs a firm underfoot platform

This Danner hiker has a hardy yet springy midsole that helps wearers keep their balance on tricky trails with enough cushioning and shock mitigation. It comes with a shank made of fiberglass for improved underfoot support, especially around the arch.

Danner Explorer midsole

Atop it is a brand-exclusive footbed called Danner Airthotic, a special kind of insole that cups the heel and doubles down on arch support.

Danner’s Explorer boasts a robust yet sleek upper

Danner Explorer full-grain leather upper

The Explorer, which uses the silhouette of the Danner Light boot, owes its earthy look to its stitched-on upper made of full-grain leather.

Danner Explorer Gore-Tex waterproofing

It has a liner engineered with a Gore-Tex membrane, rendering the boot capable of staying breathable and waterproof in harsh weather conditions.

Danner Explorer semi-gusseted tongue

It has a semi-gusseted tongue that keeps intrusive debris out.

Danner Explorer round eyelets

A round synthetic lace and combination eyelets comprise the entirety of its front closure.

Danner Explorer lace hooks