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Base model: Converse Fastbreak Mid Top
Top: Mid
Inspired from: Hiking
Collection: Converse Casual Shoes
Price: $95
Colorways: Green
Small True to size Large
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The Converse Fastbreak Mountaineer Leather Mid is a unisex shoe destined to be sported by all walks of life who has a niche for the outdoors. The promising sneaker can be grabbed in men’s sizes starting from 5 all the way up to 13. Women’s sizes range from 6.5 to 14.5.

This Converse Fastbreak sneaker is a break away from the typical Chuck Taylor facade. Aside from its mid-top form, an unusual cut for most All-Stars, the sneaker also employs a Ballistic textile upper for a sturdy yet breathable construction. Underneath all that mumbo jumbo is a stitched cupsole which adds to the model’s overall durability.

Overall, the Converse Fastbreak Mountaineer Leather Mid radiates a hiking vibe courtesy of the Ballistic fabric upper. Other color options like the Utility Green iteration is also a dead giveaway to the sneaker’s presentation as one of those kicks in the hiking-inspired category.

The sneaker can be worn either by recreational superstars or street casuals in an outfit combination comprising mostly of pants or denim jeans. The mid-top structure allows high socks to be sported as well, but one must take note that this style is not only for the gents. Ladies can wear these bad boys with jeggings or shorts as well.

The durable Ballistic upper of the sneaker makes it stand out from the rest of its Converse Fastbreak brothers. The midsole-outsole combo resembles somewhat a Nike Dunk-ish appearance alongside that almost familiar lacebed.

For many of us sneakerheads, it’s like general knowledge to know that Converse is a part of the Nike family since the early 2000s. But way back in the 80s, it was a different scenario. Back then, every sportswear brand is battling over one particular player--Michael Jordan.

Before MJ signed with Nike and created a majestic brand of his own, he was wearing Converse. Not just any type of Converse kicks, but the classic Fastbreak Mid. He wore it during his high school basketball games when he was still a member of the North Carolina Tar Heels. Then months later, Jordan chose these shoes in his breakthrough game in the 1984 Olympics when the USA defeated Spain.

Decades after, the sneaker remained in the Converse catalog and was embellished with numerous material variations. One of those is Ballistic fabrics included in the Converse Fastbreak Mountaineer Leather Mid.

  • Aside from the Ballistic textile fabric, the sneaker also utilizes suede for its overlays.
  • Contains a black midsole-outsole with speckled details.
  • The laces are also made to be trail-inspired.
  • Pull tabs are found on the tongue for ease of entry.