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10 reasons to buy

  • The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Shoreline Slip-On is up for grabs at a budget-friendly rate.  
  • Several people are delighted that this sneaker is available in a myriad of vibrant colorways. 
  • A few have testified that the shoe is lightweight. 
  • Several buyers have appreciated how stylish the shoe is.  
  • Some users have mentioned that they tend to receive compliments whenever they have the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Shoreline sneaker on their feet. 
  • It is among the versatile Converse sneakers that can go well with casual dresses, shorts, and jeans, as noted by many. 
  • Most of the wearers have attested that the Converse Chuck Taylor® All Star® Shoreline Slip-on Ox is a comfortable pair of footwear that they can use all day.    
  • A couple of purchasers say that it is easy to clean.  
  • Among the Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers, it is appreciated by some because it is easy to wear.  
  • The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Shoreline Slip-on sneaker is appreciated by some because of the fact that it is easy to wear.  

2 reasons not to buy

  • A reviewer with high-arch feet has said that this shoe is too flat and has caused to hurt her feet. 
  • A couple of users have said they have to wear socks to avoid blisters. 

Bottom line

The Converse Chuck Taylor® All Star® Shoreline Slip-on offers both comfort and style. A stylish and versatile shoe, it can effortlessly match different casual outfits. It also has a footbed that allows users to walk comfortably.

All these you can get at a price without breaking your pocket. Despite the slight drawback reported, many still chose to buy a pair in different colorways because the pros outweigh the cons.

User reviews:

With a low-top silhouette, the Converse CT AS Shoreline Slip-on sneaker is available in women’s sizing. As it continues to carry its classic detail, this shoe has a canvas upper with the medial-side air vent portholes that offer efficient foot breathability. 

It has a slip-on construction that not only gives a brand new style to it but also enables the foot to wear the shoe quickly. Although it has a lacing system, it has an elastic collar that offers a flexible and comfortable fit. 

Exclusively designed for women, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Shoreline Slip-on shoe is perfect for warm weather and casual occasions. It has a low-top profile that enables the ankle to move quickly and freely. This shoe has effortlessly remained its classic look while it attempted to show its patrons another cool style it can offer.  

This low-top slip-on sneaker possesses a versatile and sophisticated silhouette that women can match in different combinations of outfits. May it be paired with jeans, shoes, jumpsuits, skirts or even dresses, a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Shoreline women's shoes could definitely compliment such an ensemble. Among the suggested ways on how to style the Shoreline Slip-on sneakers from Converse: 

  • Ladies can wear a pair of leggings with a black shirt and a black leather jacket to match their Converse Chuck Taylor® All Star® Shoreline Slip-on shoes, providing a straightforward look with a chic vibe. 
  • This sneaker provides an on-point style when women wear it with a pair of shorts or cotton or denim skirts and a plain or graphic shirt on a warm day. 
  • Ladies can wear their distressed denim jeans or skinnies and pair them with their Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Shoreline Slip-on sneakers for a laidback look on any casual occasion. 

As the Converse Chuck Taylor never fails to maintain its classic look, it also manages to innovate itself and have avid followers to have something to look forward to. The Converse Chuck Taylor Shoreline Slip-on sneaker has a low-top silhouette with an upgraded look. With a slip-on construction, this shoe has an elastic collar that is responsible for providing a flexible and snug fit as well as adding style to it 

The brand Converse is a rubber shoe company that was founded by Marquis Mills in Malden, Massachusetts in 1908. Among its more iconic shoes is the Chuck Taylor sneakers. In 1921, the Chuck Taylor All Star got its iconic name when Chuck Taylor, a prominent basketball player entered Converse’s store and complained about his sore feet.  

Chuck Taylor got an offer to become the brand's ambassador and salesman. In 1932, As a way of appreciation for Taylor's hard work, the company printed his name on the ankle patch of the shoe. Even until today, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star remained fashionable and did not lose its popularity, unlike other sneakers.  

Since its introduction in the 1920s, the style of the initially developed and launched as a basketball shoe has remained significantly unchanged. It has a stitched upper portion, a white rubber toe cap, and a brown rubber outsole. The Chuck Taylor All Star has evolved and became a global symbol of individuality and originality. 

Over the years, the Chuck Taylor All Star has sustained multiple revisions and been released in a different version using a variety of materials such as leather and cotton canvas. Though available in various iterations, still it preserves the original’s classic detail which is the loose lining of the soft canvas that is designed for flexibility as well as to deter blisters. 

Among the revolutionary Chuck Taylor shoe releases is the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Shoreline Slip On sneaker which was launched in the mid of 2018. This iteration maintains its classic detail such as the textured toe bumper, rubber toe box, All Star heel patch, rubber midsole, and the contrast sidewall trim. 

  • Buyers need to note that the size displayed on the shoe’s bottom is in UK size. They need to check the tongue’s label for the equivalent US size.  
  • The Converse CTAS Shoreline Slip-on has a rubber outsole with a diamond tread pattern that provides reliable traction. 
  • Some websites name this shoe as the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Shoreline Slip-on Ox.  
  • Apart from the elastic collar, the lacing system can be adjusted to help achieve a snugger fit.  
  • It has a heel pull tab to help put on the shoe.  
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