Size and fit

The upper material makeover for the Chuck Taylor Leather Low Top results in a different fit according to Converse users. The element of leather, which comes in a stiffer form initially, softens into a more buttery feel after the break-in period. Like most All Stars, it is recommended to order a half or one size down the usual because of its large fit. This unisex sneaker is offered in men's sizes ranging from 3-13. For the ladies, going two sizes down is recommended by the brand for that ideal fit.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Leather Low Top Style

Because the shoe model has persisted for more than 100 years, the market has developed a sense of familiarity with its silhouette. However, the release of the Chuck Taylor All Star Leather Low Top gives a refreshing twist to the customary look. Despite using the same low-top blueprint, this model comes in premium leather for a bolder, spunkier, and unique feel. Coming in three colorways, an all-black, all white, and black and white, versatility will be greatly enjoyed by its purchasers.

Notable Features

More than the more sophisticated transformation of these leather Chuck Taylors, the sneaker is also overhauled into a more weather-resistant number. Compared to canvas uppers, leather can emit more moisture and repels dirt better, making it easier to clean and maintain.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Leather Low Top History

Deemed as one of the most omnipresent sneakers, being ever-present in American pop culture, the Converse All Star comes from a rich history that is as colorful as its range. The brand initially started producing winterized rubber-outsole cleats and shoes. As a way to expand the product line and to keep up with the popularity of basketball, the company created hoop sneakers in 1917.

However, the success and the popularity of the model soared upon the entrance of Charles "Chuck" H. Taylor which joined the team as an ambassador and salesman. The basketball player became an instrument in taking the shoe down to basketball clinics and expand its target market. In 1932, as an ode to the genius behind the shoe, the company added his name and signature on the logo on the patch found on the ankle.

During the 1940s and the 1960s, Converse Chuck Taylor All Star reached its golden era taking over 80% of the US sneaker market. In 2000, the brand dipped and filed for bankruptcy in 2001. The brand was acquired by Nike after and regained its glory since then. Currently, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star comes in a different array of colors and materials, the Leather Low Top included.

Additional Info

  • Accents like the padded footbed, vulcanized rubber outsole, reinforced rubber toe cap, brushed metal eyelets, and cultural authenticity are retained for this model.


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