Facet 30 Outdry: More than just weather-ready

Just like Gore-Tex kicks, hikers imbued with Outdry—the featured shoe included—offer sufficient moisture protection plus some much-needed breathability on the inside. That said, we know you have come this far knowing that fact already, so we give you the following “other” Facet 30 Outdry essentials to make your visit worthwhile:

  • Its mesh-like upper is actually made of durable ballistic fabric, which delivers high abrasion resistance, as its name suggests.
  • While it lacks a shank, the Columbia Facet 30 Outdry does come with a proprietary midsole tech that grants additional midfoot support. This technology also promotes balance, particularly on moderately rocky terrain.
  • Rockered front and back, the shoe’s sole unit will let you pull off energy-efficient strides on flat surfaces.
  • With its multi-directional lugs, negotiating slippery trails is as safe as can be. And since these sticky protrusions are adequately spaced apart, mud and debris are shed as you complete your journey.

Additional info

  • Have you no need for waterproofing on your hikes? Gear up with the Facet 15 instead.
  • Consider the Columbia Facet 45 Outdry if you find sock-like ankle security rather interesting.


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