Facet: A family of propelling kicks

Columbia’s Facet 15 makes up a third of the Facet family. Yes, the featured shoe has two other siblings—Facet 30 Outdry and Facet 45 Outdry.

The former is virtually the Facet 15 but with full waterproofing. The latter, on the other hand, has all the features of the Facet 30 Outdry but with a mid-high sock-like collar and straps for laces.

Takeaway: You can choose either of the two if you need complete water protection in rainy weather. That said, the Facet 45 Outdry may be the “it” hiker for you if you need that extra sense of security and protection around the ankle.

Upkeep for the Columbia Facet 15

Want to keep your Facet 15 in tip-top shape for longer? Aside from ridding it of dirt and smudges after each use, do the following:

  • Remove mud and stones from its outsole, particularly those stuck in between its lugs.
  • If it gets soaked, give it a nice rinse with clean water (preferably warm). Then, leave it to dry somewhere shaded and breezy.
  • Store it somewhere cool, dry, and moisture-free if you will not use it for a while. Tip: A packet or two of silica gel can prevent moisture buildup in a shoebox.


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