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Despite being a relative fledgling in the industry, Zoot has made some huge strides that other shoe brands of longer tenure have found difficult to match. Out of the box innovation and limitless patience in listening to the comments and suggestions of runners and athletes have been their tried and tested trademarks. Working closely with these formulas in mind, Zoot practically soars high with every shoe production as evidenced by the more than 100,000 reviews gathered online.

 Why make the most out of the best Zoot low drop shoes?

  • The best Zoot low drop shoes are found on the trail, track, and the road. These low heel to toe offset shoes are used in long distance running, mid distance running and short fast races. The triathlons are a perfect showcase of how the best Zoot low drop shoes perform.
  • Low drop shoes made by Zoot are the perfect overture to a minimalist or barefoot style of running. Natural leg and foot articulation is promoted by these low drop shoes. The result is a much more developed and stronger range of muscles. A stronger and more developed range of muscles would allow the foot to adapt more quickly and easily to natural running.
  • Low heel to toe drop is designed primarily for unmatched ground perception. Better ground feedback is another idea promoted by the minimalist style of running. The lower the foot sits on the ground the better sensory perception becomes. The runner can quickly adjust the placement of his strides for speed and protection. Efficiency and a more active natural protection are the immediate results of better tactile feedback.
  • Cushioning is independent from the low heel offset. This is evident in how well cushioned Zoot’s low drop shoes are. Cushioning however, is not the marshmallow type that sucks the runner’s energy. This is the kind of cushioning that masterly blends the softness with firmness for ultra responsiveness.
  • Low drop shoes made especially for the triathlons are Zoot’s most awarded shoes. They combine functionality and appeal seamlessly. Since quick transitions are the most critical aspects of a triathlon, Zoot has made sure transitions are not only lightning quick but effortless as well.
  • Barefit Technology saves the runner time from putting on socks. These low drop shoes would feel amazing, even if worn sockless. DriLex Technology takes care of the foot while running. It eliminates odor and sweat the entire run.
  • Collar tabs on the heel and tongue are designed for quick one pull tugs for easy and efficient slip on movements. The clincher would be lace locking system. The foot is secured inside with another quick pull of the locking system.

What should be the best influence in getting the best Zoot low drop shoes?

  • Cushioning. The best blend of soft cushioning and ultra responsive features are made possible by the patented Zbound foam and the fantastic CarbonSpan+ foam respectively.
  • Underfoot Protection. The Zoot unique ZBR and ZCR rubbers afford the shoe superb traction and durability. ZBR is blown rubber for excellent grip while ZCR is carbon rubber for long lasting performance.
  • Heel to Toe Differential. The best Zoot heel to toe differential is from 8mm and below.