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Those who are after a more natural walking experience may want to consider getting new zero drop hiking shoes. Wearing these low-top hikers resemble the feeling of standing on bare ground while you’re barefooted.

More and more outdoor enthusiasts are using them to gain an increased comfort level on the trail. But before you go out and get a pair, you may want to learn more about zero drop hiking shoes. Shown below are important details about this footgear.

How the best zero drop hiking shoes work


Best zero drop hiking shoes - May 2020

Conventional footwear products for hikers come with a raised heel. This design provides a rocking motion that grants efficient forward propulsion to the wearer. At the same time, it also adds strain to your Achilles tendon and lower leg muscles as you take a step.

On the other hand, zero drop hiking shoes keep your foot’s ball level with the heel. Standing on these hikers will make your feet feel level with the ground. As a result, you may have a more comfortable experience walking around in these types of outdoor shoes for hikers.

When and where to use your new zero drop hiking shoes

Day hiking

Some of the best zero drop hiking shoes for men and women are made for day hikes. This activity involves a well-established trail that can be completed in a single day. It also possesses minimal trail challenges and wet encounters. The finest zero-drop hikers offer a mix of comfort and performance for this kind of adventure.

Water hiking

Select zero drop hiking shoes are built for water adventures. It involves traversing terrain with water-related challenges, such as crossing rocky streams or shallow rivers. Zero drop offerings for water hikers are built with grippy outsoles and quick-drying uppers to make them more suitable in this environment.

How to transition to zero drop hiking shoes

You just can’t start using low drop hiking shoes if you have been using high drop offerings for a long time. Doing so would be disorienting when you go out on a trip. It’s best to use a mid drop pair first before transitioning to zero drop hiking shoes. Walk around in them until you feel comfortable with this kind of footgear. In this way, your feet and legs will get used by the time you use a pair of zero drop hikers.

Of course, some outdoor enthusiasts do not feel the repercussions of transitioning straight to zero drop shoes from high drop products. But since these cases are the exception, you may experience plantar fasciitis if your preparation for this kind of footwear is insufficient.  

Notable brands that offer the best zero drop hiking shoes for men and women


Some of the finest zero-drop offerings are made by Astral. These lightweight shoes for adventurers are primarily engineered for single-day trips and water hikes. They sport an amphibious design that sheds water as you move, making them suitable in wet environments. Moreover, these Astral zero-drop hiking shoes come with outsoles that keep you surefooted on slippery surfaces.