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Yellow Basketball Shoes

The brightest of all the colors, yellow grabs our attention in more ways than one. Yellow is the color of sunshine, happiness, and hope. On the other hand, it also represents cowardice, madness, and betrayal.

NBA Players like Adidas's Damian Lillard release yellow basketball shoes to make flashy statements on the court (and on the stage!) or to make references to the games that they played as kids (e.g. tennis, which uses small yellow balls). 

Popular brands such as Jordan, Nike, Under Armour also come up with yellow basketball shoes to make references to other non-basketball brands and prominent NBA teams. With Stephen Curry as its main ambassador, UA routinely releases blue and yellow basketball shoes to pay tribute to Curry's Golden State Warriors. Jordan once released yellow kicks to pay homage to car brand Ferrari whose logo is predominantly yellow. 

Yellow basketball shoes for less

Branded yellow basketball shoes are sought after because of their flashiness. Hence, you can expect them to be a bit costly when they are new and many still want to get their hands on them. If you want to get shoes for less, and you don't mind wearing old shoe models, then you can wait for the new model to come out before you buy the one that it replaces. For sure, the old model is marked down so retailers can remove them from their inventories.