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Women’s white tennis shoes

Wearing white shoes on tennis grounds has become a tradition since Wimbledon Open required players to sport all-white from head to toe as part of the tourney’s dress code. If not, players can get disqualified. 

Even as modern tennis rules allow you to wear any color during match days, white shoes remain the go-to color of many women players. Why not? White tennis shoes almost always exude elegance, class, timelessness, simplicity, and decency. 

40+ styles of white tennis shoes for women

We collected all the white tennis performance shoes under one channel for easy browsing. This entire collection consists of products from various tennis-specific brands like K-Swiss and Babolat, plus those from other athletic brands like Asics, Adidas, Nike, New Balance, among many others.

You’ll find all the white tennis shoes segregated into groups under multi-court, clay, and hard court options. We also piled shoes that are significantly cushioned, supportive, stable, and speedy. If you’re looking for white tennis-inspired shoes for everyday wear, we have another section for that, which you can check out here.  

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