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Women’s minimalist sneakers

A minimalist shoe in the world of women’s sneakers is associated with a sleek, often monochromatic, and low-top silhouette. But despite their simplicity, these sneakers convey a sense of class and have a particular charm of their own.

Adidas is among the leading brands of minimalist sneakers, having released hundreds of models. Most of them have become the eternal classics, such as Superstar, Stan Smith, Gazelle, among other Adidas Originals.

Then there is Nike with their clean Air Force 1s, Blazers, and Court tennis silhouettes.

So many classic minimalists have been introduced by Reebok, including their Club C 85, Classic Leather, and women’s-exclusive Princess.

A lot of ladies would think of something like Puma Suede Classic when picturing a pair of minimalist sneakers. The list goes on and on with over 30 brands offering their sneakers in minimalist profiles.

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