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    Chaco Ramble Puff - Arctic Chill Multi (JCH108956)
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Women’s light hiking shoes

Women’s shoes for light hikes are nearly the same category as lightweight hiking shoes. This footwear is not as heavy-duty as the one meant for day hiking or backpacking. It is best suited for shorter hikes on the more moderate terrain.

On average, shoes for light hiking are 46 grams lighter compared to all types of hiking shoes on average (271 g over 317 g). They are also not as tough and tech-packed as other hikers which makes them look more like trail running shoes.

Various types of light hiking shoes

Most of these hiking shoes are designed to be breathable due to the less demanding nature of light hikes. However, you can still find a reliable waterproof pair for rainy days.

This category is dominated by the brands like Salomon, Merrell, and Adidas. These companies have built a strong reputation for the quality and durability of their products.

And in case you need assistance in choosing the right model of hikers for you, see our detailed guide on hiking shoes for women.

Buying a women’s shoe for light hiking with a discount

The good news starts with the fact that shoes for lighter hikes generally cost less than their burlier counterparts (by $12 on average). But here at RunRepeat, you can catch a real bargain with an up to 50% discount!

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