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  1. Any color
    Nike Free Metcon 4 - White/Lt Lemon Twist/Pure Platinum (CZ0596157)
    Nike Free Metcon 4 - Purple (CZ0596515)
    Nike Free Metcon 4 - Black (CZ0596010)
    Nike Free Metcon 4 - Grey (DJ3021101)
    Nike Free Metcon 4 - Platinum/Gold (CZ0596049)
    $120 $100 Save 17%
  2. Any color
    Nike Free Metcon 3 - Black/Martian Sunrise/Red Plum (CJ0861002)
    Nike Free Metcon 3 - Black / White / Volt (CJ0861010)
    Nike Free Metcon 3 - Grey (CJ0861017)
    Nike Free Metcon 3 - Black/Black/Volt (CJ0861001)
    Nike Free Metcon 3 - Light Orewood Brown/Dark Smoke Grey/Metallic Gold (CJ6314170)
    $120 $72 Save 40%
buy women's hiit shoes for men and women

Women's HIIT shoes

HIIT shoes for women and even for men are specially designed. For one, the forefoot is made pliable so that the foot can flex freely for burpees, mountain climbers, or planks. These shoes also tend to have midsoles that are far more cushioned than ordinary trainers. HIIT exercises a lot of jumping, so the feet and knees really need a good deal of compression to keep them safe from pain. Women's HIIT shoes also have flat bases. This feature makes sure that the foot is securely planted on the floor during squats, lunges, weightlifting, and other similar exercises. If you need help in buying a pair of HIIT shoes for women, our buying guide might be of great help. 

Nike, Adidas, and other brands that produce trainers for HIIT come up with different colorways. Though a shoe's color doesn't really have that much effect on performance, we cannot deny that color adds to any clothing item's palatability. Given the number of colors and styles to choose from, it's a huge relief that our catalog pages have a feature that allows you to filter HIIT shoes for the ladies according to color.

Why purchase ladies' HIIT shoes from RunRepeat

Buying your trainers from RunRepeat is fun because we help you save money. HIIT shoes cost an average of $110, but we can help you get a pair for only $70 from our partner retailers.

Additionally, comparing and assessing shoes is also a lot easier here. Just click on a shoe to open its product page where you can see the prices, user reviews, available colors and sizes, and an informative chart that compares that shoe with similar models.