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    Adidas NMD_R1 - Ftwr White Core Black Solar Red (FV3648)
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    Adidas NMD_R1 - White Ftwr White Ftwr White Vapour Pink Ftwr White Ftwr White Vapour Pink (EE5109)
    Adidas NMD_R1 - White (B37619)
    Adidas NMD_R1 - White (D96635)
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    Adidas Nite Jogger - White-crystal White-orange (F34123)
    Adidas Nite Jogger - White (EE5882)
    Adidas Nite Jogger - White (EE5885)
    Adidas Nite Jogger - White (EE6255)
    Adidas Nite Jogger - Raw White / Grey One-vapour Green (BD7956)
    Adidas Nite Jogger - White (EE5855)
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    Nike Air Max 270 React - White (AO4971101)
    Nike Air Max 270 React - Weiß (AO4971100)
    Nike Air Max 270 React - White (CI3866100)
    Nike Air Max 270 React - White University Red 100 (CW2625100)
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white running sneakers

Best White Running Sneakers - September 2019

The release of the Pantone of the Year slowly incorporated consumers to inject colors not just on clothing but on sneakers as well. The welcome of rainbow and pastel hues allowed designers and footwear companies to be more experimental, use a broader spectrum, and utilize different combinations. Whatever the color of the year is, everyone will always come back to white, whether it is pure white or mixed with a different tint, it will consistently be a year-round shade that will last for as long as sneakers endure. 

Running sneakers are a staple among different footwear brands. It may not exude the same air of exclusiveness as tennis, but its broad availability is highly appreciated by many. Here, we dig deeper on what’s so great about white running sneakers, discuss the best ones in the market, and answer some of your most pressing questions.

Why buy a running-inspired shoe?

  • Multi-functional

Sneakers, compared to trainers, are assumed to be packed with style than function. Running-inspired footwear faintly deviates from this notion as it is packed with features that are geared towards running. 

Generally, running-influenced kicks are enriched with comfortable cushioning, arch-support, breathable and lightweight uppers, and fit that caters to different shapes of feet. Though it is not ideal to use these for running, its features will most likely make your feet more luxurious for everyday strolling.

  • Stylish

Whatever your style preference is, there will most likely be a pair that would suit your liking. Despite encapsulated in a particular category, the selection is so broad that there is absolutely no room for boredom. 

  • Durable

Because they are not made merely for strutting down the runway, expect that the creators of this type of kicks have considered that it is for more aggressive use. 

Popular white running sneakers 

Before you think that there are limited options under this category and colorway, think again. We can’t precisely pinpoint if it’s because of the white shoe trend that urged the companies to produce different designs. Whatever the story may be, it only comes to an advantage. Below are some of the most recognizable silhouettes on the market:

Nike Air Max Plus

Air Max Plus is one of the most emblematic pieces included in the Air Max line. The eye-catching design features wavy stripes on the upper, whale tail-inspired midfoot shank, and Air Max units. Because of its style, transitioning from running to lifestyle wasn’t a struggle, primarily because of the sneakerheads that welcomed its gradient design. 

  • An all-white running shoe for men’s is available for the Nike Air Max Plus. Though it doesn’t feature a gradient effect, it highlights its silhouette and structure. 
  • Artists Drake and Jim Jones were spotted wearing all-white version running sneakers. 
  • Style and function come on an equal footing for the Air Max Plus. It is equipped with Tuned Air technology which helps in providing additional support and stability.
  • The outsole features a waffle tread which delivers traction.

Puma Thunder Spectra

Who said that chunky and running sneakers are of opposing ends? The Puma Thunder Spectra is a proof that a fusion of those results to a head-turner. The over-the-top outsole build and color-blocking details put this pair on the top of the dad shoe list.

  • These white running shoes is the first to be included on the Puma Thunder collection. 
  • While most have the perception that it is a rip-off of the Balenciaga Triple S, it is actually inspired by the 90s Cell System and the Puma x McQueen partnership. 
  • The minimal Puma branding complements the overstated silhouette. 

Adidas Falcon

The Adidas Falcon is the epitome of a proper retro runner. Most of its characteristics spell ugly sneakers—the chunky sole, the elaborate upper and the geometric detailing. But the Falcon from Adidas is just the right amount of ugly if that makes sense. Those on the hunt for a more discreet pair or only one that the “basic” version of dad shoes, can take a look at this pair. 

  • Staying true to its runner heritage, the Falcon is clad with the Torsion System. 
  • Even though there is an all-white running version for women’s, other white iterations are also included in the selection. 
  • The upper of the shoe is a combination of suede and mesh.

Nike Classic Cortez

They say that you can never go wrong with a classic and we have to agree on that. The revival of the Cortez caused rejoice for the fans as this retro runner deserves to be known by the younger generation. It is also a way of the brand to share a piece of history as it is one of the most notable items on their list. The large Swoosh on the side not only serves as an emblem and an eye-catching design feature but a statement when it was entering the sneaker scene during its time. 

  • The Nike Cortez is one of the most defining products of the brand as Bill Bowerman, Nike co-founder, conceptualized this shoe. 
  • The popularity of this footwear, especially the blue, red, and white running shoes, because of the film Forrest Gump. 
  • Other white renditions included for the Cortez is an all-white and a black and white. 
  • The Nike Cortez was first released in 1972. 

Adidas X_PLR

The NMD line despite being a newcomer has been well-received by the market that it ensued to different silhouettes. The concept may be great, but we have to admit that its price is not the friendliest. The Adidas X_PLR bears a similar concept to the NMD, only more affordable. 

  • The knit upper makes the shoe breathable and lightweight. 
  • The Ortholite sockliner is an homage feature to its performance inspiration. 
  • Other features that are worth noting for are its speed lacing system and its rubber stopper. 

Nike Shox Gravity

There’s no stopping brands from resurrecting their runners from the ’70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s. The Nike Shox Gravity may have been launched not long ago, in 2000 to be exact. However, its concept can be dated in 1984.  Its unique midsole, returning back as a casual shoe made its welcome even warmer. 

  • The revived Boing put the design team back to the drawing board employed modern injections on its features and looks. 
  • Currently, there’s almost an innumerable amount of colorways released for this. Some of the white iterations are in Triple White, White/Black, and Metallic Gold. 
  • The Nike Shox Gravity was re released in 2018. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between running sneakers and running-inspired sneakers?

Because of the number of sneakers available, it can be quite hard to recognize the thick line between the two. In essence, athletic sneakers are made for the sport, while the influenced version is made for streets. 

You can expect a lot from running sneakers in terms of features. Not using the proper footwear can lead to damage, injuries, and even accidents. Lifestyle sneakers, on the other hand, carry an athletic look and probably some features, but they are not exactly constructed for running. 

How do I style white running shoes?

This type of kicks is essentially versatile. And when we say it, we are dead serious. Anyone can wear it—men and women, young, and old, or even minimalists or maximalists. Because of this, it can be styled in infinite ways but let’s simplify and run-down how men and women can wear it.


  • Men’s white running shoes are excellent to wear with shorts because it can be interpreted as a laid-back shoe. A basic shirt, crew or v-neck would both work perfectly.
  • If you want to highlight the silhouette of your men’s white running sneakers, wearing it with jogger pants and a track jacket would exude a sporty-cool vibe. 
  • If you want to wear it with jeans, you can try channeling Kendrick Lamar’s way of wearing his black and white running shoes with loose jeans and simple white tee.


  • Ripped jeans work well with a sassy pair. A pajama top would keep things more interesting. 
  • One way to make a statement with your women’s white running sneakers is to pair it with an all-white outfit. It’s effortless but will certainly make you look extra fresh. 
  • A cropped top and shorts paired with white women’s running sneakers will add spunk to the whole outfit. If the weather becomes a bit chilly, a colorful jacket will keep you stylish. 

How do you clean it?

If there’s probably a downside about white shoes, it is the fact that it can get dirty quite easily. You can sport the dirty shoe style, but if it’s not your game, it’s also not much of a hassle to clean it. Here are some of the easy steps that you can follow:

  • Make a mixture of mild detergent water. It will be what you will use in cleaning your sneakers. 
  • Remove the laces and dip it on the solution. Wash it gently and let it air dry. 
  • Using a mild cleaning brush or an old toothbrush, brush the sneakers gently focusing on stains. 
  • Be sure to reach for the hard to reach areas like the inside of the tongue and the crevices of the outsole. 
  • Rinse it and pat it dry with an absorbent towel. Air dry after. 

How to maintain it sparkly white?

Doesn’t mean that you have to be picky about where you are going when you are sporting your bright white kicks. There are some tools that you can apply to keep it as fresh as you:

  • Spray on a waterproof spray to protect the upper from not only water but from dirt as well. 
  • For scuff marks, there’s no need to clean the whole shoe. A Magic Eraser will fix it right away. It will work best for white canvas and leather. 
  • Toothpaste is another cleaning agent that you can quickly reach. Brush this on rubber toe cap and midsole and wipe with a damp cloth after.
  • A white eraser is an awesome hack for stubborn marks on suede or nubuck.
  • me white sneakers, especially the midsole, tends to turn yellowish. A simple solution to this is applying a shoe polish or a whitener.     

Can you wear white running shoes in the fall or winter?

Even though most seem to reach out for sneaker-boots during the colder season, an ivory pair is also a stand out one. There are different ways to do it. 

Is the sizing consistent across all brands of sneakers?

No. Different brands of sneakers have different sizing. In fact, even different models from the same brand cause a unique fit. Despite following a standard sizing, the materials used and the construction of the shoe are some of the factors that affect how it fits. If you plan on purchasing online, brands have a sizing chart on their website which serves as a guide. If you also have a specific model in mind, you can try looking for that at the RunRepeat website. 

Are there eco-friendly running-inspired shoes?

Yes. If you love Mother Earth just like how you love your sneakers, then there’s no problem with that. We have several options for you to look at:

Are they expensive?

We won’t say that all white running shoes are cheap because that is a lie. Yes, there are some, especially those that are collaborative pieces that are quite expensive but that’s not the case for all. If you’re on the hunt for an affordable pair, there is one that would suit your budget needs. Some of the cheap ones that we have on our list are:

Can I wear my white sneakers with socks?

There’s no hard rule when it comes to fashion. The no-show sock is becoming a trend, but we also can’t deny the fact that socks are a great accessory on styling an ensemble. 

Most of those on your list are Nike and Adidas, are there other brands that are offering running-inspired shoes?

Yes. It just so happened that the most popular ones based on RunRepeat’s rating are from those brands. If you want more options, you can look at brands like Onitsuka Tiger, New Balance, Reebok, and Asics. Although generally, most sneaker brands offer running-inspired shoes.