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    Nike LeBron Witness 4 - White Black White (BV7427101)
    Nike LeBron Witness 4 - White (BV7427100)
    Nike LeBron Witness 4 - White (BV7427102)
    Nike LeBron Witness 4 - White (CV4004100)
    $100 $76 Save 24%
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    Nike Zoom Rize - White/Black (BQ5468100)
    $140 $77 Save 45%
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    Jordan Why Not Zer0.3 - White (CD3003103)
    Jordan Why Not Zer0.3 - White Univ Red Black Mtlc Silver (CD3003101)
    Jordan Why Not Zer0.3 - White (CK6611101)
    $130 $100 Save 23%
  4. $120 $82 Save 32%
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White basketball shoes

Given their lifestyle appeal, many basketball shoes come in a variety of colorways. Just to illustrate, James Hardens' signature models from Adidas are called Harden Vol 2, Harden Vol 3, and so on to allude to the fact that each model comes in a 'volume' of color options.

Even with that, white basketball shoes remain very popular among professional players and ordinary buyers. This is in part due to the fact that the NBA once had a rule that required the colors of an athlete’s shoes to match the colors of his jersey. White is the traditional 'home' uniform color of every team. 

Though that rule has somewhat been relaxed starting the 2017-2018 season, white versions of basketball shoes from brands such as Nike, Jordan, and Under Armour continue to flood the market. Given your many options, choosing the best one for you can be such a challenge. To know more about how to choose the right basketball shoes, read our detailed buying guide.

Getting white basketball shoes for less

There are many ways to get your white basketball shoes for less. One is getting them when there are clearance sales and store milestones; prices drop during these times. When a new model is released, you can get the one immediately before it; for sure its price is totally on a markdown.

Here at RunRepeat, we also help you get the best deals based on color or shoe model. We get data from various retailers and put them in one place so you can easily make comparisons.