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White Adidas basketball shoes

In the near past, the NBA required players to wear basketball shoes that are of the same color as their jerseys. Home jerseys have traditionally been white, so white basketball shoes from Adidas, Nike, or any other brand have always been in demand. White basketball shoes are also popular among ordinary buyers because of how neat they are. They seem to be easy to pair with any outfit.

Adidas basketball shoes are always with a lifestyle appeal. They come in a variety of colors, including white. James Hardens' signature models from Adidas, for example, are called Harden Vol 2, Harden Vol 3, and so on because of the fact that each model comes in a 'volume' of color options. There is no doubt that there are all-white or mostly white versions in there. The same can be said about the Adidas Dames, which are signature shoes for rapper and basketball player Damian Lillard.

Getting white Adidas basketball shoes for less

Signature shoes for any athlete are naturally more costly simply because they are associated with a high-value personality. If you don't want to pay extra just for a famous player's name, go for Adidas's non-signature offers. Basketball shoes like the Pro Bounce also have white versions.

If you are a fan of players like Derrick Rose, James Harden, and Damian Lillard, you can get their signature shoes for less if you wait until the last minute. Get a model upon the release of the one that's set to replace. For sure, the previous model will be marked down by retailers.