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On snowy hikes that involve wetness and moisture, slipping inside a pair of waterproof insulated hiking boots is quite a sensible choice. These are your above-the-ankle winter hikers engineered with waterproofing technology to combat the freezing cold in wet conditions.

Although they are built specifically for trail pursuits where intrusive snow and water are prevalent, their versatility permits wearers like you to also engage in a variety of everyday winter activities.

The pros and cons of wearing the best waterproof insulated hiking boots

Best waterproof insulated hiking boots - May 2020

Are you embarking on an icy adventure soon? The shoes featured above are among the best men’s and women’s winter hiking boots already out in the market, and they are more than willing to be part of your next trail excursion. That said, before you make that purchase, read the following points below to have a better grasp of what you are about to invest in.

Waterproof insulated hiking boots and their pros

  • Being able to stay warm without worrying about water intrusion is what makes waterproof insulated hiking boots quite valuable. You will be able to enjoy taking on frigid trails with dry, cozy feet with them on. If you have a strong resistance to cold but still require water protection throughout your trips, get a pair of watertight trail boots instead.
  • Since ankle-supportive hiking shoes of this type are designed for cold environments, you can expect from them a kind of grip performance that works on frozen surfaces.
  • The layered construction of most waterproof insulated hiking boots translates to enhanced structural soundness. Because of this, such a pair may be considered extra supportive and protective.

Waterproof insulated hiking boots and their cons

  • You might not be able to go light in such kicks. Waterproof insulated hiking boots are built with multiple layers (insulation, waterproof membrane, protective overlays). Most hikers that fall under this category are arguably much heavier than some of the lightest hikers featured on this site.
  • These specialized pieces of footwear may not come cheap. Since they come with thermal insulation and waterproofing technology, they often come at prices that some might consider too steep. Do you want something a lot less expensive? Get a pair of bargain-priced hiking boots instead.
  • Shoes of this sort are considered seasonal. As such, a pair might not last for more than a handful of winters without proper care and maintenance.

Quality brands that produce some of the best waterproof insulated hiking boots


Whether you are someone who is just starting out in the hiking world or a full-fledged trail dweller, chances are you have heard of Merrell and their vast array of excellent hikers. What you probably have not heard of, however, is that a decent portion of their offerings consists of a handful of waterproof insulated hiking boots. 

Some of these quality kicks are engineered with two of Merrell’s very own technologies: M Select Dry and M Select Warm. The former makes shoes moisture-wicking and waterproof, while the latter, as its name suggests, provides sufficient thermal insulation.


Gear up with a pair of trail-centric boots from Oboz if you wish to have a combination of support, comfort, and protection in your every outing. Their selection of hiking-specific footwear has grown over the years, making them a worthy rival to some of the biggest shoe making companies in the west. 

Aside from regular hikers, they also produce waterproof insulated hiking boots. These supportive shoes are imbued with B-Dry, an Oboz-exclusive technology that expels sweat and walls off external moisture at the same time. What keeps feet toasty and snug in these boots, however, is Thinsulate courtesy of 3M.


Keen has been around long enough to be considered a household name among hiking enthusiasts. Although they are more well-known for putting out some of the best hiking sandals, they also offer a decent number of boot-type hikers. Wearers who would choose to don any one pair of their waterproof insulated hiking boots will come to know two Keen-owned technologies: Keen.Dry and Keen.Warm. 

The former, as its name implies, keeps wet elements at bay without leaving out breathability. The latter, on the other hand, is a tech that uses charcoal bamboo to keep feet comfortably warm in cold conditions. 

Keen.Warm is not the only one responsible for making such winter-friendly hikers warm. These boots are also insulated thanks to Heat Trapolator. This kind of technology sees three layers of heat-trapping sheets built into the shoe’s sole unit to lock in heat underfoot.