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buy vibram sole hiking shoes for men and women

Vibram hiking shoes aim to give you superior traction on almost all your outdoor activities. Numerous footwear brands, including the prominent ones, have partnered with this company to help adventurers optimize their performance during hiking trips and even mountaineering expeditions.

Advantages of men's and women's hiking shoes with Vibram soles

Best Vibram hiking shoes

Best Vibram hiking shoes - May 2019

Vibram has been in business since the 1930s. Since then, they have continuously improved and their outsoles. Its founder, Vitale Bramani, is known as the inventor of the rubber lug.

Most outdoor shoe companies work with Vibram to create exclusive tread designs on their outsoles. Designers take the following into consideration when creating their products: the level of difficulty and the type of terrain.

There are multiple lug shapes and sizes used in each sole variant. Some use triangular cleats at the center and rectangular lugs at the perimeter. Others employ Carrarmato lugs for multidirectional grip. These patterns enable the shoe to maximize its ground adherence. There are also Vibram soles specifically formulated for boots made for winter hiking.

A majority of Vibram hiking shoes now also grant stability and have self-cleaning lugs. The aggressive studs strategically placed across the sole of these shoes yield a decent amount of steadiness, especially over rugged terrain.

Some compounds commonly used in some of the best men's and women's Vibram shoes for hiking

XS Trek

This Vibram compound balances durability and traction to grant optimal performance on unpredictable terrain. Outdoor brands usually employ this element and vary the composition of the sole to maximize its robustness.


Vibram hiking shoes that use the Megagrip compound offer superb traction on and off the trails, whether wet or dry. Also, it is developed to yield outstanding longevity and amazing ground sensitiveness.


This compound is primarily employed in shoes used for snow. It offers superior grip on icy surfaces and maintains grip even in very low temperatures. The composition of its rubber is suitable for use indoors and outdoors.

A few notable hiking shoe brands that use Vibram soles


Merrell has a vast selection of hiking shoes with Vibram soles. One of their famous offerings is the Merrell Moab FST 2 (FST stands for Fit + Superior Traction). This athletic-inspired breathable shoe has a nubuck leather upper with mesh vents. Underfoot, it employs a Kinetic Fit Base insole for arch support and enhanced cushioning. A molded nylon arch shank renders firmness. It has a Vibram Megagrip outsole which provides users with traction and sturdiness.


A good number of hiking shoes from Lowa employ a Vibram outsole, and some of their offerings are complemented by a Lowa patented sole unit. Whether it is developed together with Vibram or Lowa-owned, the characteristics of their outsole vary depending on the type of terrain and level of difficulty. A common feature in the Vibram soles is the Climbing Zone. It is situated at the front end of the sole to boost performance on uphill ascents.


Vibram soles are quite common in Danner products. Most of their hiking shoes use a sole unit which comprises a Vibram midsole and outsole. This combination ensures that you will be able to traverse various terrain types with confidence and comfort. An impressive trait of their outsoles is their self-adapting lugs that grip on both wet and dry surfaces.

La Sportiva

Some waterproof hiking shoes from La Sportiva wears a Vibram outsole. The brand’s designers combine watertightness and grip in their products to provide users with reliable performance on and off the trails. A compound commonly used in their offerings is the Vibram XS Trek for durability and grip. Its potential is amplified with La Sportiva’s Impact Brake System which makes the shoe bite on almost all types of terrain.


Asolo is a famous Italian footwear company that works with Vibram in creating products that will let hikers enjoy their outdoor experience further. Their shoes usually include V or GV in the model names. V means Vibram while GV stands for Gore-Tex and Vibram. In this way, their potential buyers can determine if a particular model they are looking at includes the mentioned third-party features without looking at the specifications.


Certain Zamberlan low-top shoes for light hiking come with a Vibram outsole. Their partnership aims to develop high-performance soles that will be able to work in a variety of outdoor conditions. The Zamberlan-exclusive outsoles also feature a Climbing Zone at the tip for enhanced toe-off, promoting a more comfortable stride. The tread design shows wide indentations to facilitate muck removal and prevent debris build-up.