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    Vans SK8-Hi MTE 2.0 DX - Brown (VN0A4P3ITUH)
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    Vans SK8-Hi - Yellow (VN0A4U3CWNY)
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    Vans SK8-Hi - Blue (Navy/White) (VD5INVY)
    Vans SK8-Hi - Black/White (VN0D5IB8C)
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    Vans SK8-Hi MTE - Black (VN0A4BV7V3Z)
    Vans SK8-Hi MTE - Deep Lichen Green-root Beer (VN0A4BV7V40)
    Vans SK8-Hi MTE - Blue (VN0A4BV7UQE)
    Vans SK8-Hi MTE - Black (VN0A4BV7XKN)
    Vans SK8-Hi MTE - Grey (VN0A33TXUQB)
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Vans SK8-Hi sneakers

best vans sk8 hi sneakers
Best Vans Sk8-Hi Sneakers - May 2019


Established on March 16, 1966, as the Van Doren Rubber Company, the world’s leading skateboarding shoe manufacturer began with brothers Paul and James Van Doren and their partners Gordon Lee and Serge D’Elia when they opened their first store in Anaheim, California.  Their breakthrough shoe, known as the #44 deck shoe or the Vans Authentic, was instrumental to the growth of the shoe manufacturing business.

Shortly after that in the 1970s, Vans became a sneaker of choice by the local skateboarding community in California. The rugged makeup, sturdy vulcanized construction, and sticky sole that adhere well to wood skateboards like those in Vans SK8-Hi and Vans Era sneakers were significant reasons that skateboarders started patronizing the brand. The 1970s also was the time when the American skate shoe brand also tapped skateboarding legends Tony Alva and Stacy Peralta who sported the Vans lifestyle sneakers while performing tricks and jumps in local skate parks. The collaboration with skateboarders has resulted in the creation of the Vans Era, an enhanced version of the Authentic, which was released in 1976.               

The Vans Era design, Vans’ first skate shoes made primarily for skateboarding, improved on the collars with additional padding, double stitching, and thicker rubber gum sole fitted for the game. Another iconic shoe that came out of the Vans skateboarding shoe company’s collection is the Vans Old Skool. Paul Van Doren, one of the company’s founders, designed the now iconic Sidestripes that was later on used in many of the footwear models released by the brand including bestselling shoes like the Old Skool and later on Vans SK8-Hi sneakers.

Meanwhile, the Vans SK8-Hi shoe silhouette was the second model to sport the signature Vans Sidestripe when it was first seen in the Anaheim streets in 1978. The SK8-Hi sneaker was a product of Vans footwear designers as they were listening to skateboarders who want better ankle protection while still retaining the Old Skool aesthetics. The high top design, thickly padded collars, and double stitching in the upper of the now iconic Vans SK8-Hi shoes are more in tune with the demands of the extreme sport particularly that of vert skateboarding.

Top-Rated Vans SK8-Hi shoes

Some 40 years since its initial drop, the Vans skateboarding SK8-Hi shoes have been given a multitude of transformations from colorways and upper material treatments. The high-top footwear was also given several makeovers through collaborations with professional skaters, retail brands, and celebrities. Here are some of the noteworthy Van’s SK8-Hi skateboarding shoes that have rated well by reviewers.

Vans Gum SK8-Hi Platform 2.0

An added boost to one’s height through platform shoes could spell a huge difference when one wants to have an elevated style and imposing look. The Vans Gum SK8-Hi Platform 2.0 sneaker brings a nice update to Vans SK8-Hi skateboarding shoes. Coupled with a gum rubber outsole, the thick-soled Vans shoe becomes a whole lot edgier while staying in the affordable sneakers section. A setback for this particular iteration of the Vans SK8-Hi skate shoes is its limited colorways as it is only offered in red and black colors.

Other significant features of the Vans SK8-Hi Platform 2.0 include:

  • Sturdy canvas and suede upper
  • Re-enforced toe caps to withstand repeated wear
  • Padded collars for support and flexibility
  • Gum-colored Vans signature waffle outsoles

Vans SK8-Hi MTE DX

Gearing up for the chilly and damp elements, the Vans SK8-Hi MTE DX shoes or Mountain Edition Deluxe sneakers keeps wearer’s feet warm and dry even during harsh winters. With an upper made of textile and suede leather, the top is treated with a Deluxe Scotchguard protector that repels water and resists stains. Retaining the signature Vans-SK8-Hi skateboarding shoe profile, the Vans SK8-Hi MTE DX is outfitted with rugged soles suitable for snowy terrain and slippery pavement.

Other significant features of the Vans SK8-Hi MTE DX sneaker include:

  • Warm inner lining and layers with heat retention capacity in between the sockliner and outsole of Vans SK8-Hi sneakers were added to keep feet warm and dry
  • A vulcanized rubber outsole comes with improved waffle traction pattern for all kinds of terrain keeping in mind 20 years of snow boot history
  • UltraCush insoles were used in the Vans SK8-Hi MTE DX for long-lasting comfort
  • Re-enforced toe caps to endure repeated wear
  • Padded collars for extra support and flexibility

Vans SK8-Hi Core Classics

A timeless sneaker like the Vans SK8-Hi Core Classics should be a staple in one’s sneaker rotation. The high-top Vans skateboarding SK8-Hi shoe profile retains all the reasons why skaters fell in love with this 40-year-old silhouette. The flexible vulcanized rubber outsole, padded high-top collars, and the sticky waffle-tread outsole continue to leave skaters in awe with its terrific boardfeel when performing jumps and tricks.

Other advantages of buying this promising Vans SK8-Hi shoe issue:

  • It comes available in a wide range of colorways, designs, and materials
  • It is affordable and budget-friendly at only $65 per pair
  • It comes with cotton drill lining and a die-cut EVA insert for great in-shoe feel

The iconic Vans SK8-Hi Core Classics shoes have the following colorways:

  • Vans SK8-Hi Core Classics Checkerboard Black/Pewter
  • Vans SK8-Hi Core Classics Black
  • Vans SK8-Hi Core Classics Black/White
  • Vans SK8-Hi Core Classics Navy
  • Vans SK8-Hi Core Classics True White

Vans SK8-Hi MTE

The Vans SK8-Hi skateboarding shoe silhouette is given a plush treatment to keep feet warm during the damp and cold winters. The affordable Vans SK8-Hi MTE sneaker refurbishes the legendary model with premium weather-resistant leather in the upper. To feel cozy during chilly and wet weather, the Vans SK8-Hi MTE sneakers are fitted with warm and dry linings and a heat retention layer between the inner lining and the vulcanized outsole.

Other features of this winter-ready shoe:

  • Pull tabs at the back allows quick on and off
  • Re-enforced toe caps to withstand repeated wear
  • Padded high-top collars for protection and flexibility

Vans Skulls SK8-Hi Reissue

A fresh take on the vintage Vans SK8-Hi sneaker silhouette, the Vans Skulls SK8-Hi Reissue features life-like graphics of skulls on the canvas uppers for a youthful, casual sneaker. The lifestyle shoes have suede overlays and re-enforced toe caps to endure repeated wear. The stylish-high-top kick is comfortable yet remaining stylish especially for those who want to rock skulls and bones artwork in their Vans SK8-Hi kicks.

Among the other features of the Vans Skulls Sk8-Hi Reissue sneaker include:

  • Padded collars for support and flexibility
  • Printed canvas and suede upper in the Vans SK8-Hi sneaker upper
  • Signature waffle rubber outsole

Vans SK8-Hi Slim

The iconic high-top profile was retained in the slimmed-down model of the SK8-Hi when it was revamped into a sleek version reminiscent of the 1980s. The slimmer Vans SK8-Hi skate shoes, however, may not be for those with wide feet. The heritage design continues to amaze its loyal fans with its superior comfort and casual good looks in an assortment of exciting colorways in the sturdy canvas and suede upper.

Among the notable features of the Vans SK8-Hi Slim shoes include:

  • Signature waffle rubble outsoles
  • Padded collar and heel counters for support and flexibility
  • Perforations in the toe area for extra breathability

Vans MLB SK8-Hi

Genius collaboration East Coast and West Coast designs by the Anaheim-based brand and Major League Baseball, the Vans MLB SK8-Hi was launched in the summer of 2016 in two well-thought out versions. The high-top Vans SK8-Hi sneaker is a must-have collector’s item for Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees fans. Retaining the sturdy canvas uppers, the design featured a repeat logo pattern in the quarter panels and topped with Dodger and Yankees logos.

Among the colorways of the Vans MLB SK8-Hi are:

  • Vans MLB SK8-Hi Dodgers Blue
  • Vans MLB SK8-Hi Yankees Grey

Vans SK8-Hi Del Pato MTE

Exhibiting a duck boot-inspired design, the Vans SK8-Hi Del Pato MTE shoes comes with weather-resistant features from the Vans MTE Collection. Among the wallet-friendly Vans SK8-Hi shoes’ most notable features include Scotchgard-treated canvas and suede uppers that wards off moisture and thicker inner linings to keep the feet warm and dry during the winters.

Other features of the Vans SK8-Hi Del Pato MTE sneaker include:

  • Warm fleece innings and a heat retention layer between sockliner and outsole
  • Newly constructed vulcanized lug outsole that takes advantage of 20 years of snow boot history
  • Re-enforced toe caps allow men’s Vans skateboarding sneakers to withstand repeated wear
  • Padded collars for support and flexibility

Vans SK8-Hi Pro

Professional skateboarding is such a demanding sport that it only deserves a high quality padded high-top sneaker like the Vans SK8-Hi-Pro. Upgraded for enhanced performance and longevity, the Vans SK8-Hi Pro skateboarding shoes come in sturdy canvas and suede uppers and single wrap foxing tape that can withstand repeated stress and blows while performing skateboarding moves and tricks.

Notable features of the professional Vans SK8-Hi skate shoes include:

  • Ultracush HD insole keeps the foot close to the board while delivering amazing cushioning
  • Duracap reinforcement rubber underlays for impact protection and durability
  • Vulcanized waffle rubber outsole for impressive traction, grip, and support

Vans Satin Patchwork SK8-Hi

A fresh new take on the iconic Vans SK8-Hi skateboarding shoes takes in the form of a black suede and signature checkerboard upper with patches of satin embroidery. The edgy Rose detailed design of the Vans Satin Patchwork SK8-Hi is an affordable yet glammed-up look for the heritage high-top shoes.

Among the features of this stylish kicks include:

  • Satin patches over the iconic Vans checkerboard print
  • Embroidered Rose detail in black and white on the lateral side
  • Re-enforced toe caps for durability
  • Padded high-top collar for support and flexibility
  • Signature rubber waffle outsoles for grip and traction

Other notable Vans SK8-Hi shoes

Vans Surplus SK8-Hi Reissue

With vintage aesthetics, the Vans Surplus SK8-Hi Reissue brings back memories of the early years of the iconic silhouette. The affordable Vans Surplus SK8-Hi Reissue skateboarding shoe brings back memories of yesteryears as it gives one’s outfit that retro feel. Affordably priced, the high-top kick comes in muted grey and red colorways while a color-contrasted Vans label on the tongue adds to the heritage appeal of these kicks.                             

Vans Premium Leather SK8-Hi Reissue Zip

Combining style, comfort, and functionality, the Vans Premium Leather SK8-Hi Reissue Zip shoes gives the iconic high-top skate shoes an edgy and sophisticated touch. The reissued high top comes with a zipper at the heel for easy access and uses premium leather uppers in the all-black monochromatic finish for an edgier look to the men’s Vans SK8-Hi sneakers.

Other features of the Vans Premium Leather SK8-Hi Reissue Zip are:

  • Full premium leather construction for that sophisticated finish
  • Padded collar dot protection, support, and flexibility
  • Vans side stripe and Vans Off the Wall logo branding accents

Vans Flame SK8-Hi Reissue

Another remarkable look that has made fans of Vans SK8-Hi skateboarding shoes further fascinated by the comfortable high-tops is its Flame design accent in the uppers. The eye-catching Vans Flame SK8-Hi Reissue is a fitting revival to the printed design that sets the Vans SK8-Hi sneaker silhouette on fire. Retaining the vintage looks and elevating it with a printed Flame art on the sides this comfortable and durable sneaker convinces its fans that it is here to stay.

Vans SK8-Hi Slim Studded Star

An All-American treatment to the iconic Vans SK8-Hi silhouette is the highlight of the Vans Slim Studded Star skateboarding shoes. The Slim Studded Star Vans SK8-Hi shoes combine pleasing aesthetics with comfort and durability. Great for sporty or casual streetwear, this Vans SK8-Hi sneaker version is easy to pull off and goes pretty well with a lot of outfits. The slimmed-down version may be difficult to wear as it is tight-fitting, but it quickly becomes comfy after break-in.

Vans x The North Face SK8-Hi 46 MTE DX

Coming out with special edition collaboration, Vans paired up with top outdoor brand The North Face for an all-weather Mountain Edition upgrade for the iconic Vans SK8-Hi skate shoes. The Vans x The North Face SK8-Hi 46 MTE DX is designed for the elements with weather-resistant leather and synthetic uppers. Keeping the feet dry and cozy are warm inner linings while the newly-constructed high-traction vulcanized lug outsole takes inspiration from 20 years of snow boot history.

Other features of this deluxe weather-resistant Vans SK8-Hi sneaker are:

  • MTE 360° technology for localized thermal insulation with enhanced airflow around toes
  • UltraCush insoles for long-lasting comfort of the Vans SK8-Hi skateboarding shoes
  • Heat retention layer between the sockliner and outsole to keep feet warm and dry
  • Re-enforced toe caps to endure repeated wear
  • Padded collars for support and flexibility

Vans SK8-Hi-Lite

The Vans SK8-Hi Lite reengineered the canvas and suede uppers of the legendary high tops to make every day walking comfortable. The lighter design of the Vans SK8-Hi shoes is perfect for travelers who want to don the classic silhouette while having a fashionable street-style look. The affordable Vans SK8-Hi-Lite sneakers were a product of innovative construction methods to improve comfort, increase flexibility, and reduce the overall weight.

Other features of the Vans SK8-Hi Lite are:

  • UltraCush lite sock liners for long-lasting comfort
  • Cow suede and six-ounces of canvas in the shoe uppers
  • Extra heel cushioning to make walking comfortable for extended hours of use

Frequently Asked Questions

What clothes should you wear with Vans SK8-Hi sneakers?

Vans SK8-Hi sneakers are not difficult to pull off. The classic silhouette has stood the test of time due to its versatility in blending with different fashion tastes. The high top design and the wide variety of colors to choose from will make styling the iconic Vans SK8-Hi skateboarding shoes an easy task.

Since the Vans Sk8-Hi silhouette has been in existence for the past 40 years, it has already been subjected to numerous design changes from new upper materials, new colorways, design upgrades, to keep the silhouette exciting. Some versions were designed ready to glam up your rock concert outfit, while some Vans Sk8-Hi skate sneakers are light enough for the next travel. Other models, meanwhile, are equipped for the cold winter months, while some Vans SK8-Hi skateboarding shoes are ready to be beaten up while doing daredevil jumps in the nearest skate park or the neighborhood skateboarding competition.

Here are some styling tips to rock your Vans SK8-Hi shoes:

  • For Men: Men’s Vans SK8-Hi sneakers like the Vans Flame SK8-Hi Reissue or Vans Skulls SK8-Hi Reissue on black colorway with flame-printed graphics are great to pair with tattered or slim-fit jeans and wear them in rock concerts. Another sporty model the Vans MLB SK8-Hi in Dodgers and Yankees-inspired colorways are easy picks to don when watching your favorite team at the Major League Baseball games. The sporty men’s Vans SK8-Hi shoe designs are easily styled with baseball jerseys and fan-designed shirts. Other men’s Vans SK8-Hi sneakers are easily paired with denim jeans, relaxed-fit shorts, and chinos for all occasions.
  • For Women: Feminine colorways like pink, red, purple, and yellow Vans SK8-Hi sneakers are the perfect shoes for the female sneaker market. The women’s Vans SK8-Hi skateboarding shoes are ready to glam-up skinny jeans, skirts, and shorts. Models like the Vans Satin Patchwork SK8-Hi and the Vans Gum SK8-Hi Platform 2.0 sneakers are great women’s high-top sneaker options if you want to upgrade your casual lifestyle sneaker rotation.

How can you tell if the Vans SK8-Hi shoes are fake?

Spotting fake Vans SK8-Hi sneakers are comfortable if you check on red flags and telltale signs of counterfeit products. Here are some tips on how to spot imitation kicks:

  • Check on Vans SK8-Hi shoe materials like the suede and canvas materials in the upper, branding details, and waffle rubber outsole. Inspect these essential branding details for signs of low quality and cheap materials.
  • Examine the barcode and labels to contain shoe size and country of production.
  • Look over the price of the Vans SK8-Hi sneakers. These high-top kicks usually start at $60 per pair and could increase significantly depending on if they are made of premium materials, limited release and special editions and collaborations among other reasons that drive the prices of Vans SK8-Hi sneakers to increase.
  • Know if your seller of Vans SK8-Hi skate sneakers is a legitimate seller. While some sneakers could go below $40 per pair during sales and special offers, prices of a Vans SK8-Hi sneaker could not be priced lower by as much as 50 percent without buyers raising an eyebrow. If you find Vans SK8-Hi sneakers sold way below and are too good to be true of a deal, they are most likely fake.
  • Run down through the Vans SK8-Hi skateboarding shoe box and the packaging paper and see if they are in the right places like the box closing correctly or the packaging paper wrapped around the shoe at unboxing. Each pair of Vans SK8-Hi sneakers also has a paper tag attached to it sporting the Vans Off the Wall signature logo.
  • Browse through reviews on the retailer or dealer of your Vans SK8-Hi shoes and verify their business online ensuring that they published their contact information, customer service, and return policy. Most importantly buy Vans SK8-Hi sneakers only from authorized retailers or at the Vans online store.

What are the Vans SK8-Hi shoes that were reissued?

The success of a Vans SK8-Hi model determines its fate if it will be reissued or not. Bestselling sneakers with continued demand prompt Vans to reissue a specific model to give in to the needs of the loyal fans wanting to cop a pair of the iconic Vans SK8-Hi skateboarding shoes. Most reissue shoes involve special edition designs and Vans SK8-Hi sneakers using a variety of materials like leather, canvas, and suede. Among the sneakers reissued by the California-based company are the Vans Flame SK8-Hi Reissue, Vans Skulls SK8-Hi Reissue, Vans Surplus SK8-Hi Reissue, and Vans SK8-Hi Premium Leather Reissue Zip.

The California-based skateboarding shoe brand also reissued shoe models using various materials and design elements. Some of these re-released Vans SK8-Hi skate shoes are Tumble SK8-Hi Reissue, Metallic Twill SK8-Hi Reissue, Pop Camo SK8-Hi Reissue, OTW Webbing SK8-Hi Reissue, made for the Makers SK8-Hi Reissue UC, leather SK8-Hi Reissue, Pig Suede SK8-Hi Reissue, Suede SK8-Hi Reissue, Festival Satin SK8-Hi Reissue, Design Assembly SK8-Hi Reissue, Velvet SK8-Hi Reissue Knotted, Checkerboard SK8-Hi Reissue Cap, Woven SK8-Hi Reissue Strap, and Anaheim Factory SK8-Hi 38 DX.

What are some of the famous collaborations on the Vans SK8-Hi model?

Aside from popular and bestselling models like the Vans Authentic, Vans Classic Slip-on, Vans Half-Cab, Vans Atwood,  and Vans Old Skool, the Vans SK8-Hi sneaker is among the classic silhouettes often given new looks regarding materials, and designs through collaborations with various brands and artists. Some of these brands and artists usually do collaborations using the Vans Vault line of sneakers where iconic silhouettes of the brand are given makeovers and new color treatments.

Some of the most popular Vans SK8-Hi sneakers collaborations are the Vans x The North Face SK8-Hi 46 MTE DX, Bad Brains x Supreme x Vans SK8-Hi, Bodega x Vans Vault SK8-Hi Instant Winner, NASA x Vans SK8-Hi 46 MTE DX “Space Voyager”, Concepts x Vans Syndicate SK8-Hi,  Vans UA SK8-Hi Laceless Platform x Karl Lagerfeld, Pendleton x Vans SK8-Hi, Marc Jacobs x Vans SK8 Hi, Taka Hayashi x Pendleton x Vans SK8-Hi, and Stussy x Vans Vault SK8-Hi “8-Ball.”

Some of the expensive and most sought-after collaborations include the Vans x Supreme x Public Enemy SK8-Hi SL, Vans x Fear of God SK8-Hi, and Vans x Anti Social Social Club SK8-Hi. Other Vans SK8-Hi sneaker models that are now considered collector’s items and grails include Vans SK8-Hi SL Christian Hosoi SL “Rising Sun”, Defcon x vans Syndicate SK8-Hi Nubuck Pro, Supreme x Vans SK8-Hi “Power, Corruption, & Lies”, Ice-T x Vans Syndicate SK8-Hi OG “Rhyme Syndicate”, and WTAPS x Vans Vault SK8-Hi OG Navy.

Where does Vans manufacture Sk8-Hi sneakers?

While Vans is an American company of skateboarding shoes based in California, the bulk of its Vans SK8-Hi shoes are sourced and manufactured overseas. The Vans SK8-Hi skateboarding shoes are mostly made in factories in Vietnam and China while only a limited few Vans SK8-Hi sneakers are still being produced in the United States.

Do Vans Sk8-Hi sneakers run true to size? Are Vans Sk8-Hi sneakers in unisex sizes?

Vans SK8-Hi sneakers are sized according to US standards. Vans SK8-Hi skateboarding shoes also run true to size. Men’s sizes range from 3 to 16 while women’s sizes range from US size 5 to 12. Kids sizes range from US size 3.5 to 6.5. To get a better fit, it is advisable to wear Vans Sk8-Hi sneakers on feet to get the feel of the interior and profile of the sneaker.

High-performance Vans SK8-Hi sneakers tend to fit snug, wearers with wide feet are advised to order a half-size to a full size larger to get a better fit. Some Vans SK8-Hi skate sneakers fit a bit tighter at first try, but they will eventually stretch after a few days to a week of wearing or for a short break-in period. High-performance skate shoes like Vans SK8-Hi sneakers tend to fit snug so that they fulfill their purpose.

What are some of the most expensive Vans Sk8-Hi sneakers ever released?

Exclusive and limited edition releases and collaborations of Vans with favorite retailers and designers often command a high retail price for the Vans SK8-Hi silhouette. The hype and the rarity of these Vans SK8-Hi shoes usually keep their costs steep especially among resellers. Among the most expensive Vans SK8-Hi skate shoes ever released include the Vans x Anti Social Social Club SK8-Hi released for Spring/Summer 2017 which was sold at retail for $350.

One more expensive Vans SK8-Hi sneaker is the Vans x Fear of God SK8-Hi which was sold at retail for $395. The Vans x Fear of God SK8-Hi was a collaboration between FOG’s Jerry Lorenzo and Vans for the 50th year celebration of the Vans SK8-Hi silhouette. SK8-Hi collaboration commanding a hefty price and usual triples in price among resellers are the Vans x Supreme x Public Enemy SK8-Hi SL released in 2006 with a substantial retail price of $500 a pair. Another special colorway of this collaboration called the Vans x Supreme x Public Enemy – Black has released for $1,000 in the reseller market for the Fight the Power makeover with an all-black design in the upper.

What was the shoe model of the Vans SK8-Hi sneaker that was improved to enhance the skateboarding experience?

The Vans SK8-Hi was primarily a skateboarding shoe when it was first conceptualized. But over the years, the iconic high-top design has had several lifestyle shoe versions to cater to the growing fashion sneaker market. But since the demand for professional skateboarding shoes has remained consistent since the release of the OG Vans SK8-Hi, some newer models were retrofitted with the latest updates in shoe manufacturing technology to make them even better while performing tricks and jumps.

The Vans SK8-Hi Pro is a professional skateboarding shoe that retains the heritage silhouette yet significantly improves the durability of the shoe. Vans added UltraCush HD insoles for shock and impact absorption while Duracap underlays were added at the toe cap for impact protection and durability. The Vans Sk8-Hi Pro skate shoe's top-most eyelet is distinctively made of metal while the OG version displays a punched eyelet hole.