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If you are particular about fit, you may want to consider the benefits offered by unlined climbing shoes. These kicks usually use an upper made of leather, a durable material that stretches over time. The absence of a liner allows these climbing pieces to adapt to the shape of your foot. As a result, you can endure long routes or master your technique with a reduced level of discomfort. Shown below are some of the perks you may enjoy from a new pair of unlined climbing shoes.

Advantages of the best unlined men's and women's climbing shoes 

Best unlined climbing shoes

Best unlined climbing shoes - November 2019

They conform to the shape of your foot

The way a shoe fit is a crucial key to your climbing performance. If it’s too tight or too loose, you won’t be able to complete your climb. Unlined climbing shoes typically stretch to a full size once you’ve broken them in. The stretching of the upper allows it to conform to your foot’s shape. This will give you a customized fit that’s responsive to your movement during a climb.

Unlined climbing shoes are breathable

Rock shoes with no lining usually use leather uppers. The absence of a liner and the inherent breathability of leather prevents moisture and heat from building up. As a result, your feet aren’t going to sweat that much while you’re attempting a send. The breathability of unlined climbing shoes also reduces the chances of your feet from producing an unpleasant odor.

Fitting tips when getting new unlined climbing shoes

Unlike synthetic kicks or lined climbing pieces, unlined climbing shoes will stretch as you use them. They typically stretch to one full size after being broken in. It’s important for your toes to touch the end of the shoe and feel your toe knuckles push against the leather upper. It might feel uncomfortable and restrictive at first, but these shoes will eventually adapt to your feet after a few uses. Moreover, keep in mind that unlined climbing shoes have the tendency to bleed shoe colors onto your foot.

Check out how your feet feels when trying new unlined climbing shoes on. You need to make sure the bottom of your Achilles tendon isn’t pinched by the shoe. Also, it’s best to fit a pair on during the afternoon as your feet swell during this particular time of the day.

Several companies that manufacture the best unlined climbing shoes

La Sportiva

Some of the best unlined La Sportiva offerings are made to give comfort and performance for beginners and advanced climbers alike. They are ideal for all-day multi-pitch routes and crack climbing. These rock shoes also come with a Vibram outsole to give you grip on most types of rock surfaces.


A few Scarpa rock shoes come with an unlined leather upper. They are equipped with a flat last and a light heel cup to render comfort and performance for long routes. These climbing pieces also use a to-the-toe lacing system to give you a fine-tuned fit. Some of the brand’s unlined kicks use a Vibram outsole to render traction on difficult terrain.