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Under Armour may have captured the sporting world’s attention through its moisture wicking shirts, but since the release of its New Prototype training shoe line back in 2008, it has also caught the eye of the fitness industry. These days, Under Armour workout shoes are becoming a staple for training enthusiasts who want footgear that is able to keep up with their grueling workout regimens.

best under armour workout shoes

Best Under Armour workout shoes - May 2019

Technologies used in Under Armour workout shoes

Charged Cushioning

The Charged Cushioning is one of the most widely used foam compounds in Under Armour trainers. This midsole is touted for having a high energy return compared to other foam units. It reduces the shock felt by the foot and uses the same force to push off the surface.

Micro G

The Micro G platform features a low-profile construction that provides better stability without compromising the shock absorption. This midsole compound is also designed to be lighter compared to traditional foam. It is crafted to be reactive, so every step taken results in an explosive take off from the ground, thereby reducing the chance of foot fatigue.

4D Foam

Some Under Armour workout shoes employ the 4D Foam element. This insert conforms to the shape of the sole of the foot, giving a secure foothold and preventing slippage. It also serves to amplify the shock absorption provided by the primary midsole unit.


The Speedform technology is a seamless heel cup that makes using Under Armour workout shoes feel like an extension of the foot. The molded construction allows it to cup the back of the foot to deliver a precise fit, preventing the shoe from slipping off during explosive moves.

Popular workout shoes from Under Armour

Under Armour Project Rock 1

This pair of Under Armour workout shoes is the second collaboration between the brand and famous Hollywood actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The Project Rock 1 sports a mid-cut profile with a bootie construction for full ankle coverage. The upper is made of a fully knit material with a compression-like fit, providing the top of the foot with multidirectional support. The lace-up closure allows users to adjust the midfoot fit for a customized lockdown experience. For impact absorption, it is equipped with the Micro G platform while a durable rubber outsole lines the bottom of the shoe, providing protection and traction.

Under Armour Commit

Made for men and women, this pair of Under Armour workout shoes features a mesh upper with leather overlays that give it its structure and provide support to the top of the foot. A thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) clip at the back aims to keep the rearfoot steady during rigorous training. The UA Commit uses a dual-layer Charged Cushioning foam for impact protection while the 4D Foam sockliner secures the foot to prevent sliding and amplify comfort. A durable rubber compound protects the underside and delivers reliable traction.

Under Armour Threadborne Push

Made especially for women, the Under Armour Threadborne Push features a low-cut silhouette that fosters full ankle mobility. It utilizes a lightweight and breathable embroidered upper that has dynamic webbing loops which provide multidirectional support. The Charged Cushioning midsole serves to absorb impact while a full-length EVA insole heightens the underfoot comfort. For traction, the bottom is lined with rubber pods located at strategic areas to deliver grip without adding too much weight to the footwear.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use Under Armour workout shoes for CrossFit?

A simple answer is yes but you will have to be carful with rope climbing. This exercise can deal great damage to the upper of Under Armour workout shoes since they aren’t equipped with rope guards. That’s why it is safer to go with a more specialized type of footwear for CrossFit. However, if your WODs primarily consist of weightlifting and plyometrics, you can rely on the top-rated UA trainers for excellent performance.

How much do Under Armour workout shoes cost?

Under Armour workout shoes are priced between $70 to $130, but the price tag can be reduced by as much as $50 during sales. Here at RunRepeat, we strive to bring you the best possible offers by scouring numerous online retailers for available deals.

How do I clean my Under Armour workout shoes?

To clean your Under Armour workout shoes, use a dry brush to remove surface dirt. If there are minor stains, you can use a clean, damp cloth to wipe the trainer down. If there is any caked-in dirt, make a warm soapy solution, then dip a cloth, brush or sponge and use it to scrub the affected areas. Remove suds and dirt with a clean, damp cloth, then air dry the trainer for a few hours. If the shoe gets soaked, though it is not advised to submerge it in water, remove the laces and the insole if possible then clean and air-dry these components separately. Clean the shoe unit then pack it with dry, crumpled paper to soak up excess water as it air-dries.


  • According to the brand, it is NOT recommended to use household cleaners like 409 and Fantastic as they could cause synthetic leather components to become dry and crack.
  • Do NOT machine wash or dry the footgear as that could compromise the built.
  • Do NOT use any heat sources to dry the pair of Under Armour workout shoes because it could melt or leave some components brittle.

Did you know …

… that Under Armour started off making shirts? Kevin Plant, the founder of the company, was in search of a shirt that doesn’t get soaked in sweat while he trains but also offers compression. Unsatisfied with what was offered in the market, he started making shirts in his grandmother’s basement.

… that the company was supposed to be called ‘Heart’ or ‘Body Armor’? Fortunately, he could not trademark those names. Then Plank’s brother asked him how his company was doing but called it by a different name, Under Armour. The name clicked.

… that a phone number was the reason the British spelling of armor was used? Plank wasn’t too sure that the Internet would be this big, and back when the company started, it was still a trend to have business phone numbers that spell out the company name, making easier for people to remember. He thought 888-4RMOUR was more remarkable than 888-44ARMOR.