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The brands dominating the track and field shoe market have been Nike, Adidas, Puma, Asics, and New Balance. Together, they hold 60% of the market share in the track spikes industry. However, in the year 2006, a  brand better known for manufacturing performance apparel braved the market by releasing its very first track and field shoe collection

Under Armour has been founded by Kevin Plank in the year 1996. The company had humble beginnings—producing its first athletic apparel in Plank’s grandmother’s basement. The brand has since then been known for producing athletic shirts that wick away sweat, a feature that’s also incorporated into their track and field shoes today. With the unique qualities of Under Armour’s apparel, a lot of athletic teams have grown to love their products, further increasing brand awareness. 

Having an audience of millions worldwide, Under Armour spotted an opportunity in the track and field shoe manufacturing industry. With authenticity as its guiding principle, to this day, Under Armour still continues to make reliable men and women’s track and field shoes used by elite athletes all over the world. 

Factors when buying an Under Armour track and field shoe

There are several different elements of an Under Armour track spike that set it apart from other brands’ track and field shoes. These elements are critical to the delivery of a powerful performance:

  • Traction. One of the important things that athletes and purchasers alike should consider when buying a pair of their track and field shoe is the traction it supplies. In a nutshell, better traction gives you greater speed. Banking on this idea, Under Armour engineers its track spikes to have a good grip on multiple surfaces. Moreover, Under Armour made sure to offer track and field shoes that feature removable spikes in order to meet the needs of the athletes. 
  • Fit. Safety first. Even in competitions and training, protection remains a top priority. That is why it is a given that when getting a pair of Under Armour track spikes, an accurate fit should be considered. Adhering to the principle of safety, the brand offers track and field spikes that basically adapt to the contours of the athlete’s foot. With such fashion, Under Armour track and field shoes permit lockdown fit, allowing athletes to focus on their competition and not have to worry about slippage. 
  • Breathability. You can find that in most Under Armour track and field spikes, breathable materials are incorporated. This is to allow a sufficient amount of airflow into the foot chamber, essentially keeping a healthy foot environment. In other words, the breathable materials of the track spikes wick away moisture, keeping the foot cool and dry. 
  • Lightness. Traction alone won’t do the trick. One element of an Under Armour track and field shoe that complies with speed enhancement is its lightness. With this, the energy exertion of the athletes is kept at a minimum. Trimming down the weight of its track spikes involves integrating lightweight materials into the overall design. One example of these materials would be the mesh upper, a detail also incorporated into other notable track and field shoes such as the Nike Zoom Mamba 5
  • Support. Sufficient support is one aspect that allows a stable ride to the athlete. With stability during the performance, injury is prevented from happening to the foot. That is why Under Armour track spikes are graced with sufficient in-shoe cushioning to act as the foot’s support piece.

 Under Armour Track and Field Shoe Series

Having been in the athletic shoe manufacturing industry for quite a long time, Under Armour has already released a number of track and field shoe collections. These collections pertain to different track and field running events and are all highly versatile: 

Kick Distance

  • The Under Armour Kick Distance is a collection of versatile track and field shoes built for both beginners to intermediate level athletes. The Kick Distance lineup is designed to yield optimal performance in middle-distance to long-distance events. Embodying Under Armour’s signature lightweight configuration, Kick Distance track spikes are made of light and comfortable materials. 

Kick Sprint

  • Coming from the name itself, the Kick Sprint series handles multiple sprint events. With support and speed as its expertise, the Under Armour Kick Sprint collection is packed with technical innovations that will power the athlete’s performance. Lightweight, grippy, flexible, and ultra-strong—these are among the many features of the Kick Sprint lineup.  It is designed to best suit beginners and intermediate level athletes. 

Speedform Miler

  • The Speedform Miler is yet another well-known track spike collection from Under Armour. It is named after the brand’s renowned SpeedForm® technology, allowing for a precise and comfortable fit to the athlete’s foot. The Speedform Miler promises to supplement a grippy and propulsive ride. This track spike lineup from Under Armour is best-suited for middle-distance events. It is equipped with lightweight, strong, and flexible pieces—altogether setting the athlete’s performance a bar higher. 

Speedform Sprint

  • The Speedform Sprint is a lineup of aggressive, secure, and breathable track spikes built especially for elite-level athletes. The track spikes in this collection are geared to yield robust performance in sprints and short-distance events. Recognized for its optimal efficiency, the Speedform Sprint is constructed with Under Armour’s SpeedForm® technology. 

The elements behind an Under Armour track and field shoe

ArchFit system

  • Integrated into the design of some Under Armour track and field shoes, the ArchFit system is an integral part of the shoe’s overall support. It is a system that locks in the arch securing a precise fit to the foot, as well as foot guidance. 

SpeedForm® construction

  • Wanting to delve deeper into the understanding of fit and movement, Under Armour has invested in making an upper material that will deliver a precise fit. This technology allows the Under Armour track and field spikes to have secure and lockdown fit as it maximizes the feeling of the shoe’s molding around the foot. 

Threadborne technology

  • An innovative technology from Under Armour itself, the Threadborne technology furnishes Under Armour track spikes with superior comfort, breathability, and mobility. This newly engineered material consists of micro-sized, lightweight threads that are woven together. With its design, the Threadborne technology wicks away moisture, keeping the foot cool and dry. This leaves a healthy and fresh foot environment for the athlete. 

Michelin® Wild Gripper outsole

  • Having partnered with Michelin, Under Armour offers track spikes that feature the brand’s Michelin® Wild Gripper outsole. It utilizes unique traction lugs that deliver the Under Armour track spikes’ unrivaled grip and traction. With the outsole’s configuration, these track and field spikes from Under Armour are expected to have maximum stability, regardless of conditions and surfaces. 

Frequently asked questions

How do I take care of my Under Armour track and field spikes? 

Cleaning your Under Armour track shoes involves several meticulous steps that are to be followed religiously in order to maintain the quality of your spikes. Here are some tips and a few important reminders when it comes to cleaning your track shoes: 

  • Before proceeding to wash your Under Armour track spikes, removes the dirt on your shoes with a clean and dry brush. 
  • Don’t forget to remove the chunks of dirt and grime from the spikes and spike plate of your track shoes. 
  • Remove the insole and laces of the shoe so you can clean them separately. 
  • Mix warm water with a little bit of laundry detergent. Soak a clean sponge into the solution and scrub your Under Armour track spikes with the sponge.
  • To remove the soap, use another clean sponge or let warm water run through your track spike. 
  • Reminder: never place your track spike inside the dryer as doing so may damage the spikes and spike plate of the shoe. Just let it air dry.
  • Also, another essential reminder is that never ever use the washing machine to clean your Under Armour track and field shoe. Again, this may lead to the deterioration of your track shoe’s plate and spikes. 

What sports are Under Armour track and field shoes suited for? 

Unlike other brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Asics, Under Armour only produces track spikes that are meant for running events such as sprinting and other distance events. These Under Armour track and field spikes are notorious for being lightweight, responsive, and promoting a cushioned support. 

How do I choose the right Under Armour track spikes for me? 

There are things you need to consider when choosing the right pair of Under Armour track and field shoes best suited for you: 

  • The first that you have to keep in mind when purchasing a pair of Under Armour track and field shoes is that the brand only manufactures track spikes that are fit for running events. The brand is actually well-known for producing one of the best track and field shoes in the market with durable and reliable components. 
    •  So, if you are looking to purchase track and field spikes that are for either jumping or throwing events, Under Armour does not have the right spikes for you. 
  • A second important reminder is that you have to consider the running event/s that you are going to use your Under Armour track shoes for. 
    • As a matter of fact, Under Armour has a wide variety of shoes fit for sprints, short-distance, middle-distance, and long-distance running events.
  • Lastly, always be mindful of the fit of the Under Armour spike that you are going for. 
    • Make sure that the track shoes you are going for will give your foot a secure and lockdown fit. This is crucial in avoiding and preventing any heel slippage or premature removal of the shoe that may lead to having injuries.