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Under Armour Crossfit shoes

When you're smashing your latest challenging WOD, the last thing you want to worry about are your feet. Functional fitness training asks a lot from your body, that's why finding the right shoes is a must. You may find this Crossfit shoe buyers' guide helpful.

Just like other big brands in the Crossfit world such as Nike's Metcon shoes and Reebok's Nano shoes, Under Armour has created models dedicated solely to this endeavor.  To know more, keep reading.

What are UA Crossfit trainers

If you can't do push-offs and past-paced changing workouts without the fear of blowing out your shoes, then your workout might most likely end prematurely or painfully. Thankfully, Under Armour has designed footwear to make intense workouts worry and fear-free. 

The TriBase Reign shoe series is specifically engineered for this. These trainers can handle two-mile runs as well as lifting and plyometrics. They provide stability for lifting and cushioning for runs and high-impact moves.

Moreover, some of these also feature heel ridge for grip during wall exercises.

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