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  • Tracy McGrady
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Tracy McGrady basketball shoes

Guard and small forward Tracy McGrady was a notable player in the late nineties up until the first decade of the 21st century. He is signed with the Three Stripes, which produced the original T-Mac signature shoes for him. 

Years after his retirement, the clamor for his signature kicks are still as strong as ever. Adidas is left with no choice but to take the T-Macs out of the shelves, improve them, and release them with much fanfare and anticipation. In many ways, these shoes are the Three Stripes' answer to Nike's Kobe Protros.

T-Mac shoes: Do they still basketball?

Every press release for each T-Mac model in the recent years talk about added innovations that make the sneakers worth the while on the court. But are they really game-ready?

One sure way to find out is to read reviews, but we understand that this is something that you don't always much time for. To help you, we took it to ourselves to go through numerous reviews and collectively analyze them. The result is a concise shoe profile and a CoreScore that help you make the right decision on whether or not to buy Tracy McGrady basketball shoes or other basketball shoes for that matter.