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Those who require a pair that can withstand harsh outdoor conditions may want to consider Timberland leather hiking boots. They are engineered with robust leather uppers that can take on any trail difficulty. The brand also equipped these hikers with a variety of features to give you comfort and performance while you’re on your trip. If you need a competent footwear option that can keep up with your adventures, you may want to take a look at Timberland’s lineup of quality hiking boots with leather uppers.

Qualities of the best Timberland leather hiking boots for men and women

Best Timberland leather hiking boots - May 2020

They provide adequate protection

There’s a big chance you’re going to encounter a number of difficulties when you go on a day hike or a multi-day backpacking trip. If your footgear isn’t designed to handle these challenges, you might end up with a wound or injury. Timberland leather hiking boots come with certain features that give sufficient protection, foremost of which is its tough leather upper. Some of the brand’s hikers pair this component with toe caps to shield your foot from various trail dangers, such as jagged surfaces and exposed tree roots. Moreover, the brand’s best leather hiking boots come with a waterproof membrane to deliver protection from wet conditions.

Timberland leather hiking boots are built to last

Leather is known to be more resistant to abrasion and the elements than mesh or synthetic fabrics. The best hiking boots from Timberland are imbued with this material so they can last longer. Their upper is engineered to handle wear and tear without losing its quality for a long period of time. Some of the brand’s finest leather hikers are also reinforced with rands to enhance their durability. Moreover, these leather offerings are equipped with sturdy sole components that can handle rough ground conditions. These features come together to deliver robustness to those who require it for their adventures.

Materials used in the finest Timberland leather hiking boots


Some of the brand’s best hikers use a mid-top upper made of full-grain leather. These Timberland leather hiking boots are mainly used for day hikes with harsh challenges in it. This certain material is derived from the outer layer of an animal’s skin, which is the toughest and heaviest portion available. It is not sanded down during the tannery process, which helps it retain its distinct look.


Select Timberland leather hiking boots sport an upper made of nubuck. This leather variant is produced when the animal skin’s top layer is sanded and buffed from its outer side. The outcome is a smooth material that renders adequate protection and abrasion-resistance. Moreover, nubuck is known to be less durable than its full-grain leather counterparts.

Frequently asked questions about Timberland leather hiking boots

What’s the best way to take care of my Timberland leather hiking boots?

Leather is a material that, when left uncared for, will begin to crack. As such, Timberland recommends performing the following tips to preserve the condition of your leather hikers.

  • Apply a waterproof treatment solution on your Timberland leather hiking boots. This product will help soften and protect the leather upper without sacrificing its breathability.
  • Don’t leave your newly-washed hikers to dry near sunlight or any direct source of heat. Doing so would affect the quality of your Timberland leather hiking boots. It is recommended to place these hikers in a well-ventilated spot to dry.