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buy strappy hiking sandals for men and women

Experiencing the trail and everything it has to offer with as little restraint as possible is something many hikers prefer. Where freedom of movement is concerned, it is a great idea to don a pair of strappy hiking sandals. These products are quite prevalent, and their number has only grown over the years, giving buyers like you a sizable selection of airy hikers from which to choose.

The benefits of sporting a pair of strappy hiking sandals

Best strappy hiking sandals - May 2020

Strappy sandals built for trail escapades are quite enticing indeed. Wearing one opens up the gateway to a slew of possibilities and, not to mention, countless hours of exciting adventures out in the wild. The points that follow will give you a better idea of the wonders strappy hiking sandals have on offer. 

Agility boost

One of the many perks of strappy hiking sandals is allowing wearers to move about the trail with enhanced agility. Since their uppers are made up of sturdy straps, they are often quite light. Yes, speed is arguably the name of the game of such a pair, equaling or, perhaps, even surpassing the kind of nimble performance you would get from some of the best lightweight hiking shoes out on the market.

A matter of adjustability

Strappy hiking sandals often have two adjustable straps—one at the forefoot and another at the ankle. They are usually engineered with hook-and-loop fasteners and set up with connecting joints which are made beveled to allow for smoother adjustments. Some brands use ladder-lock buckles in place of hook-and-loop fasteners or make their strappy hikers with a combination of both fastening implements. If you somehow have a slim heel, look out for sandals with an adjustable heel strap.

Reduced stuffiness

It goes without saying that the more open the shoe is the more ventilation it offers. This saying rings especially true for strappy hiking sandals. Most pairs that fall under this category are built with straps covering only the necessary parts of the foot, thereby exposing a good portion of the skin to the breeziness of the environment. If you are someone whose feet sweat profusely, consider those that have moisture-wicking or breathable uppers. 

Fashion sense

A majority of men and women’s strappy hiking sandals are quite eye-catching by design, so looking good with them on hardly requires too much effort. Style and color options are robust in this category which many shoes and boots designed for trail pursuits often lack. So if staying in style during hikes is more your thing, shop for multi-strap hikers that best respond to the fashionista inside you. 

Notable brands that offer some of the best strappy hiking sandals for men and women


If you are itching for a brand new pair of strappy hiking sandals, browsing Teva’s selection of sandal-type products is one of the biggest favors you can do for yourself. The sheer number of multi-strap footwear they have available is nothing short of impressive, and most of the sandals that consist their lineup come in more than a handful of fun colorways and funky patterns. Furthermore, many of their offerings feature three adjustable straps, ideal for folks who truly value fit personalization.


Founded in 1989, Chaco has been producing hiking sandals that promise a kind of performance users can be proud of whether on the trail or in urban settings. They are quite the force to be reckoned with when it comes to delivering quality sandals, and their strappy products are a testament to that.

Unique to quite a number of Chaco sandals (especially the Z series) is the way the straps are networked together within the midsole. These connected straps slide and move within the midsole as the user make fit adjustments to the gear. By being unified in a sense, these straps could be considered sturdier and would not be uprooted from the sole that easily.


Are you looking for strappy hiking sandals that scream simplicity yet still have that oomph on the trail? Set your eyes on some of Bedrock’s footwear products built specifically for sandal-loving individuals. Sure, their range of strappy hikers may not be as extensive as the competition’s, but their collection exudes a kind of craftsmanship that strikes a balance between minimalism and ruggedness. 

Although the overall design of most of Bedrock’s offerings is, to put it simply, straightforward, almost every pair features their proprietary sole-hugger wings. These are flaps securing the sides of the foot for improved support and stability. The thong-style toe loop is also among their lineup’s notable features.