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  1. Any color
    Nike SuperRep Cycle - White (CW2191100)
    Nike SuperRep Cycle - Blue (CW2191484)
    Nike SuperRep Cycle - Black/Clear Emerald/Total Orange (CW2191083)
    Nike SuperRep Cycle - Black (CW2191008)
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    Giro Empire VR90 - Black Lime 18 (GISEMVB)
    Giro Empire VR90 - Red (OTHSPRTSS)
    Giro Empire VR90 - Black (GISWEMVB)
    Giro Empire VR90 - Red Orange Anodized (71108)
    Giro Empire VR90 - Iceberg Reflective 19 (GISEMV1B)
    $300 $100 Save 67%
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SPD cycling shoes

Cleat systems are essential elements to figure out upon purchasing your cycling shoes, as they could significantly improve your biking experience. To address enhanced safety and efficiency of your ride, companies provide clipless shoes to stay connected to your bike. 

The two-bolt SPD cleats are the most commonly used system on bike shoes due to easier clipping out compared to its Look Delta counterpart

Brands that offer SPD bike shoes

SPD cleats were initially developed for (and universally found on) MTB shoes, while some road shoes employ the universal cleat system - meaning it features both SPD and Look Delta cleats. One of the leading manufacturers of SPD MTB shoes is U.S.-based Giro. On the other hand, individuals who prefer road cycling but want the walkability features of the SPD should check out the company Pearl Izumi

Designed for indoor cycling, SPD spin shoes provide comfort and connection to the indoor bike for efficiency. Meanwhile, SPD casual bike shoes are ideal for daily commuters who prefer excellent power transfer.

If you’re working within a budget or want to save extra bucks, our cheap SPD cycling shoe section might help you save time and effort in searching for the most suitable bike shoe for you.

Is it for you?

SPD shoes have many advantages, but each individual requires a different set of features. The two-bolt SPD bike shoe could suit you if you value the following elements:

  • Walkability is favored by those who spend plenty of time off the bike
  • Easy clip-in experience
  • Versatility, as it is commonly used at spin classes and bike rentals.