buy so ill climbing shoes for men and women

So iLL climbing shoes

Sending in style has never been fully realized until the arrival of the superbly snazzy So iLL climbing shoes. Yes, in a pair of these bad boys, your star meter has nowhere to go but up.

Where does RunRepeat come in, you ask? Well, we will take care of giving you the most tempting deals on them right in the comforts of your crib. Our intention is simple—make you feet-fabulous for less!

An attractive roster of So iLL climbing shoes for men and women

When it comes to high-quality rock kicks, So iLL can compete with some of the most well-known brands in the west. Their chic pieces, many of which come at low prices on us, cater to climbers of virtually all skill levels.

Aggressively downturned climbing shoes make up the majority of So iLL’s head-turners. Out of these offerings, the insanely lightweight and sensitive Street can be considered the most impressive in terms of technical performance.

If you are looking for shoes that cater to beginners, the all-rounder Momoa Pro has you covered. And yes, this particular So iLL climbing shoe is named after the gruff-yet-charming Jason Momoa—2018’s Aquaman!

Owning So iLL rock shoes: A serious commitment

While climbing shoes from this American brand are aesthetically mesmerizing, they are no pushovers on the performance front. As such, they can be a little heavy on the wallet. Case in point: Be prepared to spend anywhere between $140 and $170 on a pair.

With all that said, worry not. We have partnered with dozens of trustworthy retailers to lessen your spending burden on many of So iLL’s urban-appealing climbing shoes. If you are mainly interested in inexpensive pieces, browse our catalog of budget-friendly rock shoes.